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Interdisciplinary Theory of Knowledge (Minor)


Advisory Board:

Jacqueline Fewkes Daniel White  


  • To provide interdisciplinary insight into the theoretical foundations of and methodological approaches to knowledge in various disciplines in the arts & sciences;
  • To allow students in a given concentration to consider the knowledge they acquire therein from the perspectives of other disciplines;
  • To build skills in critical thinking and writing across the curriculum;
  • To enhance the theoretical literacy and coherence of Honors Theses across the disciplines.

Requirements: 15 hours required, from the courses listed below - the 15 credit hours do not include prerequisites that may be needed for some courses. Students should consult the Honors College course catalog for prerequisite information. At least one of the courses for the Minor Concentration must be from the list of 'Philosophy Courses in Theory of Knowledge': these are philosophy courses specifically designed to address issues in theory of knowledge across academic disciplines. In addition, students must take at least one 3-credit course from each of the three divisions of the liberal arts and sciences: the natural sciences (NS), the social sciences (SS) and the arts or humanities (AH), drawn from the list of approved courses below. Of the 15 credits taken for this minor, no more than 3 may be counted also towards the student's concentration(s).

Philosophy Courses in Theory of Knowledge (take at least one)
Course Number Course Name Credits
PHI 2361 Honors Ways of Knowing 3
PHI 3930 or 4930 Honors Knowledge and Reality, or other Epistemology & Metaphysics courses 3
PHI 4804 Honors Critical Theory & Practice 3
PHI 3930 or 4930 Honors Scientific Method or other courses in Philosophy of Science 3
IDS 3932 Honors Consilience: Biology & Philosophy 3
Faculty teaching the courses in this section should require each student enrolled in the minor to write a paper, focused on the individual s program, demonstrating competence in interdivisional theory of knowledge.
Arts & Humanities (AH) (at least one 3-credit course)
Course # Course Name Credits
ARH 4811 Honors Methods
and Approaches in Art History
EUH 3604 Honors European Intellectual History I 3
EUH 3607 Honors European Intellectual History II 3
EUH 3618 Honors Sense of Place Across Time 3
HIS 3152 Honors Historiography:
Methods & Theory
IDS 4933 Honors
Phenomenology & Existentialism
LIT 3361 Honors Postmodern Literature 3
PHH 3100 Honors Ancient Greek Philosophy 3
PHH 3150 Honors Greek & Roman Philosophy 3
PHH 3400 Honors History of Modern Philosophy I 3
PHH 3442 Honors History of Modern Philosophy II 3
PHI 3704 Honors Philosophy of Religion 3
PHI 3882 Honors Philosophy of Literature 3
PHI 4930 Living Doubt: American Pragmatism 3
Social Sciences (SS) (at least one 3-credit course)
Course # Course Name Credits
ANT 4417 Honors Theory in Cultural Anthropology 3
ECO 3303 Honors History of Economic Thought* 3
ECO 4421 Honors Intro to Econometrics* 3
POS 3734 Honors Research Methods
in Political Science
POT 3021 Honors History of Political Theory 3
PSY 3213 Honors Research Methods
in Psychology**
WST 4504 Honors Feminist Theory 3
* Has a required or recommended prereq; check course catalog for details.
** PSY 3213 may be taken as a credit under Natural Science instead of Social Science.
Natural Sciences (NS) (at least one 3-credit course)
Course # Course Name Credits
PCB 4024 Honors Molecular Cell Biology* 3
BSC 4930 Honors Cell Biology* 3
EXP 3202 Honors Sensation and Perception* 3
EXP 3604 Honors Cognition* 3
* Has a required or recommended prereq; check course catalog for details.

* Approved 10/26/07; Updated 10-27-11

Last Modified 11/21/13