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Internship Proposal Form


Online Internship Application

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Description of Internship (100-150 words maximum): The description should include the nature of the duties and responsibilities of the intern.

Relation to Course of Study (100-150 words maximum): This section should provide an explanation for how the internship experience relates to the student's course of study or concentration. Students who wish to pursue internships in areas outside of their primary area of concentration should use this portion of the contract to explain how the internship experience will complement their program of study.

Method of Evaluation (100-150 words maximum): Describe the methods by which the intern will be evaluated and the academic requirements for the internship. All interns must write at least one essay reflecting on their internship experience and include discipline-specific reading and writing. YOU MUST SPECIFY THE NUMBER OF PAGES OF THE WRITING YOU WILL SUBMIT AS WELL AS INDICATE THE READING YOU WILL DO (e.g. x # of books, y # of articles, on topic z, selected in consultation with your faculty advisor). For 3 credit internships students typically write 6-10 pages. Also, the employee supervisor will submit an evaluation form. Further employer evaluations and academic requirements are to be discussed by the faculty internship advisor, the internship employee supervisor and the student. All requirements/methods of evaluation should be carefully outlined in the contract. Students will receive a grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory (S/U) based on these evaluations.

Credits: Students may meet the Honors College internship requirement by completing 3 or more credit hours of internship experience during their course of study. Internships are typically 3 credits but in rare cases may be up to 12 credit hours. Internship credits do not fulfill core requirements. Internship credits may fulfill up to 6 credits toward a concentration, but this will vary between concentrations. Students should check their concentration requirements before completing this section of the contract. Any internship credits (up to the limit of 12) that do not apply to the concentration will be counted as electives. Students who wish to take more than 12 credits of internship work must get written approval from the non-classroom learning committee. The number of credit hours a student may receive for an internship will vary depending upon the nature of the internship and the amount of academic work assigned. Established internships (such as the Washington Center) may provide courses with credit hours that translate to Honors College credits at a 1 to 1 ratio. For unpaid internships students must intern at least 40 hours per credit hour. For paid internships, students must intern at least 60 hours per credit hour. All paid internships will be carefully reviewed by the non-classroom learning committee to ensure that students are not permitted to claim summer jobs or other employment for internship credit. Internships must last at least three weeks to receive academic credit.

Number of credit hours (1-12):

Is this internship paid or unpaid?

Note: Once this application is approved, students will then need to submit a signed consent/release form, agreement form, and hard copy of the contract before they will be permitted to register for the internship; and they must ensure that upon completing the internship the on-site supervisor provides an evaluation form to their faculty advisor.

Last Modified 10/3/14