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Course Notes for Fall 2013


Important note regarding Prerequisites: If the Banner system does not let you register for a course because you lack a prereq, this may be because Banner is enforcing a prereq that the Boca version of the course has but that the Honors College does not have. Please email the instructor and they can give you permission to register.

We are aware that this is the case for the following courses:
CHM 4231 (Spectroscopy): contact Dr. Dragojlovic
MAC 1147 (Precalc): contact Dr. Blue
It may also occur for: ECO 2013, ECO 2023, MAC 1147, POS 4603, STA 2023 or other courses.

Recently added:
MAC 2311 H Calculus I (additional section), taught by Prof. Warren McGovern, MW 2-3:50.

IDS 4933 H Latin American Indigenous Religions. A 1-credit team-taught course that meets the 1st 6 weeks of the semester, taught by Dr. Corr and Dr. Steigenga. Themes and issues examined in the course include: the role of religion in colonialism, indigenous culture and religion, syncretism, religion and political mobilization, liberation theology, identity politics, and religious transnationalism.

ART 1014: Honors Elements of Visual Thinking. This course develops the student's understanding of the visual arts through critical study of the fundamentals of perception and visual composition, and through very active participation in the art-making process. Diverse materials and processes will be explored, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. Ideas of content are also addressed. The course fulfills the HC Art Core requirement.

PSY 4930: Honors Gender and Behavior. This course is designed to introduce students to research on gender and it's influence on the behavior of children and adults. Topics that will be covered include the study of gender differences, gender development and socialization, gender identity, and the role gender plays in our choices and behavior as adults. Class meetings will consist of discussions of relevant scholarly journal articles and book chapters, along with some presentations from students. At the end of the course, students will have an understanding of the research literature on the cultural, sociological, and biological constructs of gender and how they impact learning, psychosocial adjustment, personality, and overall behavioral outcomes.

Other courses to note:

IDS 3932: Honors Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry Seminar: Social Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship
This interdisciplinary, co-taught course challenges students to undertake an interdisciplinary examination of the topics of social engagement and social entrepreneurship. To encourage community engagement, students will be required to complete 20 hours of academic-service learning with a local non-profit. The goals of this program are to educate students in the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship, to help them develop plans for addressing a pressing social need, to assist them in partnering with nonprofit organizations, and to fund the implementation of these plans. During the course of the semester students will develop a business proposal, outlining the implementation plan for their original social enterprise idea. We will have guest speakers, in-class workshops and lectures to orient students and provide them with the tools to produce these business proposals. At the end of the semester a total of five students will be chosen as Kenan Scholars based on the quality and feasibility of their final business proposal. Each Kenan Scholar will receive a scholarship of $2,000 during his/her junior year, $2,000 during his/her senior year, $2,000 in living expenses for the summer between junior and senior years and $2,500 in seed money to initiate a summer service project related to their business plan. In addition, one project will be chosen to receive a $15,000 seed grant. The seed grant will be awarded to the project that is judged to be most likely to make a positive difference in the community. For more information contact Dr. Tim Steigenga or Dr. Chris Strain.

POS 3675 Honors Moot Court will be offered in a 1 credit and a 3 credit version. For further information contact Dr. Mark Tunick.
For more information about Moot Court as well as the Diplomacy program, visit our website on public speaking opportunities at the Honors College.


Other Notes

Wait List: The registrar will use an automatic wait list for most courses in the Honors College. If a student registers for a course that is full, they can select a dropdown menu and click "Wait List" to be put on the wait list. Then they will be notified by email when a space opens. The student will have 36 hours to register for the course upon receiving the email; if they do not register in that time, they lose their spot on the wait list, and the next person on the list will be notified by email that they can register for the class within 36 hours. Students are therefore advised to check their fau email account at least once a day. Faculty still have the ability to permit a student who absolutely needs a course to register for it without being put on a wait list.

Attending first class: Students who do not attend the first class of the semester without prior approval of the instructor should expect to be dropped from that course.


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