Promotion & Tenure

Promotion & Tenure

Honors College Promotion and Tenure Guidelines (2011 version)

Honors College Promotion and Tenure Guidelines (2007 version)

Annual Evaluation Criteria

Provost's Memo and P and T Materials

Templates for P&T Portfolio (Word documents):

5A. Teaching and Advising

5B. Quantitative Teaching Data

5E. Advising Table

7. Service Table

Promotion & Tenure Schedule

Fall Promotion and Tenure

  • May: materials for internal and external reviewers should be sent out
  • 1st Friday in September- last day for candidates to submit information to Program Assistant to Associate Dean for inclusion in the portfolios
  • Sept. 14- deadline for candidates to present finished portfolios ready for committees to begin review
  • 1st week in October- P&T full professors meet to discuss cases for promotion to professor (For 2015, this date will be Oct. 9)
  • 2nd Week in October- P&T meeting to discuss tenure/promotion cases
  • Last Week in October- reports of college P&T committee to candidates (with copies in portfolios) (For 2015, this date will be Oct. 27)
  • 1st Week in November- candidate has 5 days to respond to committee report (by this date)
  • 2nd Week in November- meeting with candidates, chair of P&T, and Dean
  • 3rd Week in November-candidate has 5 days to respond (by this date)
  • Dec. 11: portfolios are due in Provost's Office

Spring Third-Year Review (Fall TYR deadlines in parentheses)

  • Portfolio prepared for evaluation 3rd Tuesday in February (September).
  • Committee Report to the P&T committee 3rd Tuesday in March (October).
  • Discuss committee report with candidates -3rd Friday in March (October).
  • Committee Letter to the candidate and Dean 1st Tuesday in April (November).
  • Candidate s Response 2nd Tuesday in April (November).
  • Dean s letter 3rd Tuesday in April (November).
  • Meeting of Candidate, P&T Chair, TYR Chair and Dean 4th Tuesday in April (Nov.).
  • Candidate s Response 1st Tuesday in May (December).


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