Master Course List

How to Access the Master Course List

The Master course list provides complete information about a class, such as its prerequisites if any, whether it satisfies a core requirement, etc. The list is a collection of excel spread sheets on a network drive. The tab labeled Fall 2007 takes you to the course listings for that semester. You can also select the Course list tab to see information about all classes offered at the Honors College.

To get to the Master Course List, click "My Computer" on your desktop and then the icon labeled 'courseinfo on vulpecula' or something similar. You can create an icon on your desktop by right clicking your mouse over the 'courseinfo' icon and selecting 'send to desktop (create shortcut)'. If you don't have a 'courseinfo' icon on your 'My computer' page, or if you do but you are unable to access the master course list, please email Robert Vitale.

The room listings on the master course list are probably not accurate; up to date information on rooms is available at the online course schedule.

Updated 1/3/08; send suggestions to webmaster.

Last Modified 11/8/16