Dr. Nicholas Baima

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

PhD, Philosophy, Washington University

MA, Philosophy, University of Missouri - St. Louis

BA, Philosophy and Humanities, University of Northern Iowa


Nicholas Baima’s  research focuses on Plato’s ethical theory.  He is particularly interested in the ways in which Plato thought that ignorance and false belief can improve one’s life. In doing this, Dr. Baima seeks to undermine traditional interpretations of Plato, which imply that living well requires the constant pursuit of truth.  Instead, Dr. Baima argues that Plato recognized that the good life requires some amount of falsity. Additionally, Dr. Baima is currently working on articles related to Plato’s theology, theory of justice, and political thought.  He takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, for which he has a passion, blending his interests in ethics, epistemology, classics, psychology and the history of philosophy to teach courses ranging from ancient philosophy to environmental ethics.


Dr. Baima’s work has appeared in the academic journals of Ancient PhilosophyApeiron: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and ScienceClassical PhilologyEthical Theory and Moral PracticeHistory  of Philosophy QuarterlyLogical Analysis and the History of Philosophy; and Neuroethics. He received his PhD in philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis, an MA in philosophy from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and a BA in philosophy and humanities from the University of Northern Iowa.


Contact: 561-799-8709; HC 146


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