Ashley Graham Kennedy

Kennedy Photo

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy, University of Virginia
MA in Philosophy, University of Virginia
MA in Humanities, Old Dominion University
BA in Astronomy and Physics, University of Virginia

Office: HC 145

Curriculum Vitae


I am assistant professor of philosophy in the Honors College and assistant professor of clinical biomedical science (secondary) in the medical college of Florida Atlantic University.

My main area of research focuses on diagnostic and clinical reasoning, and I also have ongoing projects in reproductive health and pharmaceutical ethics. Some of my recent work has appeared in British Medical Journal, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, and Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

I am especially passionate about teaching pre-med students, and, in particular, about introducing them to philosophical problems within the current medical paradigm, so that they can begin to think critically now about how they will practice medicine in the future. I also lead a team of student assistants who assist me in researching and preparing publications for submission.

I serve the Honors College by helping to organize the annual Symposium research day and by co-hosting (along with Mark Tunick) an Ethics Bowl each spring.

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