Dr. Timothy J. Steigenga

Professor of Political Science, Chair - Humanities/Soc. Sci.

Dr. Tim Steigenga Ph.D., Comparative Politics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.A., Political Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
B.A., Political Science, Calvin College

Dr. Steigenga is the Wilkes Honors College Professor of Community Engagement and Co-director of the Kenan Social Engagement Program. In these roles, Dr. Steigenga supervises a scholarship program placing Honors College students as interns with local non-profit organizations, co-teaches a course on social entrepreneurship and works directly with students on their social ventures and academic service learning. He helped to found El Sol, Jupiter’s Neighborhood Resource Center and has taken students on a study abroad program in Guatemala multiple times. As he explains, “I believe that I come closest to reaching my potential as an academic and an educator when I am able to bring my research into the classroom, bring my students to the research, and bring both into the community.”

Although Dr. Steigenga teaches broadly in the in the fields of comparative politics, international relations, foreign policy, and Latin America, his teaching and research passions are religion and politics in Latin America and migration. His most recent publications include: Against the Tide: Immigrants, Day Laborers, and Community in Jupiter Florida (University of Wisconsin Press, 2013) and Living "Illegal": The Human Face of Unauthorized Immigration (The New Press, 2011).

When asked to describe what he finds most rewarding about teaching at the Wilkes Honors College, Dr. Steigenga stated:

“The greatest reward in teaching is the opportunity to witness the success of your students. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of my former students and graduates. Among my forty-nine former thesis students here at the Honors College nine are practicing lawyers, twenty more have received graduate degrees (ranging from political science, public policy, and international studies to literature, film, and nursing), and several have taken federal government and other positions including with the State Department, the Organization of American States,  and the National Endowment for Democracy. A number of former students work with local non-profits and educational institutions (including the executive director of El Sol), the state of Florida (including the division of elder affairs) and in local government (including the Town of Jupiter). Several are also working internationally in Mexico, Guatemala, China and the Bahamas. The diversity of successful career paths chosen by our former students speaks to the value of the interdisciplinary curriculum of the college and importance of encouraging students to pursue academic service learning and the sort of undergraduate research projects that emerge from such experiences.”

Prior to coming to the Honors College in 1999 Dr. Steigenga served as a visiting professor at Davidson College, Colby College, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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