Dr. Kanybek Nur-tegin

Associate Professor of Economics

Dr. Kanybek Nur-Tegin Ph.D., Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Kanybek Nur-tegin has been a member of the FAU faculty since 2007, after spending a year as a visiting research assistant professor of Economics at West Virginia University. His current primary research interests include the economics of tax compliance, corruption, and democracy. Most recently, he has been using large multi-country micro-level datasets to analyze relationships between groups of economic variables related to the informal economy and political regimes.

Dr. Nur-tegin teaches a wide selection of Economics courses at the Honors College, including Principles and Intermediate Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization and Game Theory, and International Economic Development. In addition, he collaborates with colleagues from other disciplines in designing new courses that correspond to the most recent popular developments in the field of economics and are in step with the changing labor market requirements of the new economy. These courses include Behavioral Economics taught with Prof. Lanning (psychology), Arts and Economics taught with Prof. Lemeh (visual art), and Health Economics taught with Prof. Kennedy (philosophy and biomedical science).

Dr. Nur-tegin believes that teachers play not just an important but a pivotal role in a comprehensive educational upbringing of students. Therefore, he takes this great responsibility very seriously, investing substantial effort in providing the Honors College students with not only knowledge in his field but broadened horizons, sharpened analytical skills, good-citizenship sentiments, as well as tools to explore new ideas independently and with confidence. 


Contact: 561-799-8650; HA 123


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