Dr. Eugene T. Smith

Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Dr. Eugene T. Smith Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
B.S., Food Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Smith has over twenty years of experience teaching and conducting research at small private and public academic institutions.  He has taught at the Florida Institute of Technology, Hamline University, and Eckerd College before joining the Honors College in 2003.

His current research interests involve the use of readily available technology, such as smartphones, microcontrollers, and 3-D printers, to produce inexpensive chemical instrumentation. Previous research interests encompassed biological electron transfer reactions under extreme environmental conditions.

His teaching style is based on the cognitive learning paradigm, which stresses the thought processes of the learner.  These thought processes are influenced by prior knowledge, attitude, motivation, and learning style.  For example, learning can be more efficient when textbook material is read after an initial discussion and some mental constructs are established.  Since studies have clearly demonstrated that chemistry students learn better through social interactions, small group problem solving is incorporated into all classes.

Curriculum Vitae
Contact: 561.799.8023; HC 149

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