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Fall 2005 Forum

Date Title Presenter

Dr. Michael Harrawood

09/02/05 “ Mt. Koya from the Bottom Up”  Dr. William Londo


Dr. Mark Tunick
09/16/05 “What do we know about global warming?”  Dr. Bill O’Brien
09/23/05 "You'll never take me alive Cu!"  Dr. Paul Kirchman
09/30/05 “From Oz to West Egg: The Rise of the New American Fairy Tale”  Dr. Laura Barrett

Named Scholar Recognition Ceremony

“An Insider’s View of Success” 

 Dr. Betty DiVosta
10/14/05 “From Abstract to Narrative: Function and Art in Early Dynastic China” 

Dr. Yu Jiang

10/21/05 "Einstein's Miracle Year"  Dr. Mark Rupright
10/28/05 “Arson Investigation – Optimizing Analysis Conditions”  Dr. Eugene Smith

"Florida's Wacky History and Why You Should Care" 

Eliot Kleinberg

11/11/05 VETERANS DAY  
11/18/05 "Ethnomathematics - What is this?"  Dr. Terje Hoim



Spring 2005 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/14/05 “Mountaineering Under 7,000 Feet”

Dr. Jon Moore &

HC student Katie Olds

01/21/05 “Andean Cultural Studies at FAU” Dr. Rachel Corr

“Nature of Consciousness”

Dr. Edgar Mitchell
02/04/05 "Japanese Spirit: Cultural Differences between Japan and the US from the Perspective of Their Educational Systems" Mitsutoshi Sekita, Cultural and Educational Affairs Officer, the Consulate General of Japan
02/11/05 “Bollywood: Culture and Film in South Asia”  Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes
02/18/05 “Lonely Avenue: From the Top”  Dr. Michael Harrawood
02/25/05 “The Little House in Moscow”

Dr. Chris Ely

03/04/05 “Rights Politics: The Creation, Rejection, and Disintegration of American Constitutional Rights” 

Dr. Martin Sweet

03/11/05 SPRING BREAK   X
03/18/05 “Freedom to Break the Laws: Peirce's Solution to the Free Will Problem”  Dr. Amy McLaughlin
03/25/05 “The Poetry of the Last Muslims in Spain”

Dr. Miguel Vázquez

04/01/05 “Can Culture Excuse Crime?” Dr. Mark Tunick
04/08/05 “Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful in Your Career?”  Millie McCoy
04/15/05 Wilkes Honors College Research Symposium  Dr. Julie Earles -chair
04/22/05 "Earth Day Forum"  Nathaniel P. Reed (introduced by Dr. Christian Weisser)



Fall 2004 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/27/04 Secrets of the Dead Body in Tokugawa Japan: The Emergence of the Japanese Red Cross

Dr. Sho Konishi


Lonely Avenue [Cancelled due to Hurricane Frances]

Dr. Michael Harrawood

Mountaineering Under 7.000 feet [Cancelled due to Hurricane Frances]

Dr. Jon Moore
09/17/04 Religion and Transnational Community: From Jacaltenango to Jupiter Dr. Tim Steigenga
09/24/04 Can I Ever Go Home Again? Dr. Nancy Poulson
10/01/04 Equality, Security, and Privacy: Attitudes in post-9/11 USA Dr. Kevin Lanning
10/08/04 The Classical Epic and the Philosophic Imagination

Dr. Dan White

10/15/04 Arson Investigation-Optimizing Analysis Conditions

Dr. Eugene Smith

10/22/04 The Poetry of the Last Muslims in Spain Dr. Miguel Vazquez
10/29/04 Traveling Down Tobacco Road; followed by the Wilkes Honors College Named Scholar Presentation  Attorney Bob Montgomery
11/05/04 The Pull of Gravity

Dr. Mark Rupright

11/12/04 Access to Essential Medicines in Poor Countries Dr. Travis Lybbert
11/19/04 Speaker's Forum Series General Marcie Harris


Spring 2004 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/16/04 Batman, the Lone Ranger, and the Chemist 

Bob Ponton (Glassblower from UW-Milwaukee)


Travel with My Ants

Dr. James Wetterer

The Death and Life of Malcolm X

Dr. Christopher Strain
01/30/04 Exploring the Numbers: Rapid Math Tricks and Tips Dr. Terje Hoim
02/06/04 TBA TBA
02/13/04 Behavioral Treatments for the Maladaptive Behavior of Foster Children in the Department of Children and Families

Dr.  James Jakubow

02/20/04 No Earth Bugs on Mars

Dr. Rakesh Mogul

02/27/04 SOD, DNA, and YOU

Dr. Paul Kirchman

03/05/04 International Relations Ambassador Nancy Brinker
03/12/04 SPRING BREAK  
03/19/04 The Moral Obligation to Obey Law

Dr. Mark Tunick

03/26/04 America's 1st Family of Finance Ken & Daria Dolan
04/02/04 Social Issues in Ecosystem Restoration Dr. William O'Brien
04/09/04 H. L. Wilkes Honors College Research Symposium Dr. Stephanie Fitchett (organizer)
04/16/04 The Chemistry of Color Dr. Julia Burdge



Fall 2003 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/29/03  UPMC - Juvenile Fire Starters

Dr. David Kolko


The Ghost in the Machine: Terminator 3 and mind-body dualism 

Dr. Michael Harrawood

The Aging Mind

Dr. Julie Earles
09/19/03 To Throw the Blessing: Prayer and Poetics in Andean Ritual Dr. Rachel Corr
09/26/03 Embedded TV Journalist Tim Malloy and Eric English
10/03/03 Rare Species Conservatory Foundation

Dr. Paul Reiloo

10/10/03 Gender and Race in Contemporary Caribbean Literature

Dr. Mary Ann Gosser Esquilin

10/17/03 What I Did on My Summer Vacation?

Dr. Jon Moore

10/24/03 Named Scholar Recognition  
10/31/03 Arson Investigation - Optimizing Analysis Conditions Dr. Eugene Smith
11/07/03 Sin and Redemption: Woman's Body, Necrophilia, and Spanish Islam

Dr. Miguel Vazquez

11/14/03 The Trial of Major Ridge Dr. Ted Murphy
11/21/03 The Confluence of Words and Images in Literature  Dr. Laura Barrett


Spring 2003 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/10/03 The Cherokee and Obscure Property Law

Dr. Ted Murphy






Biogeography of Deep-sea Fishes Off New England

Dr. Jon Moore
02/07/03 Undergraduate Research in Psychology  Dr. Kevin Lanning

Simulating Gravitational Waves 

Dr. Mark Rupright

02/21/03 The Death and Life of Malcolm X 

Dr. Christopher Strain

02/28/03 Florida's Poet Laureate and Nominee for Nobel Prize in Literature and for a Pulitzer Prize

Dr.  Edmund Skelligs



03/14/03 Drawing, Poetry, and Other Elements of Navigation Professor Amy Broderick

Reading Descartes' Meditations

Dr. Dan White
03/28/03 The Russian Roots of Terrorism

Dr. Christopher Ely

04/04/03 Courtliness and Cultural Exchange Professor Laine Doggett


Student Research Conference Professor Stephanie Fitchett
04/18/03 Colonizing Bodies: A Feminist Science Studies Critique of Anti-FGM Discourse  Dr.  Wairimu Njambi 


Fall 2002 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/23/02 Organic Chemistry: Architecture, Art, Language and Puzzle

Professor LuAnne McNulty


Panel on summer internships from The Community Foundation and The Abacoa Project

Professor Stephanie Fitchett

How we read Shakespeare

Dr. Michael Harrawood

Can culture excuse crime?

Dr. Mark Tunick

Putting Square Images through Round Wires

Professor Eugene Belogay
09/27/02 Transnationalism and the Maya in Palm Beach County Dr. Tim Steigenga

Special Forum on Iraq, sponsored by student government senate: 1-3 pm.

Hossein Alizadeh, Tim Collie, Khidhir Hamza, Michelle McGovern, Rear Admiral Thomas E. Morris (retired), Walid Phares

10/11/02 Poetics of the Erotic in Caribbean Literature

Professor Mary Ann Gosser Esquilin

10/18/02 Named Scholar Recognition Ceremony 

Willie E. Gary

10/25/02 Sustainable Development: from Rio to Johannesburg

Dr. William O'Brien

11/01/02 Mitochondria and Aging Dr. Paul Kirchman
11/08/02 Too Many Teardrops: An Economic Analysis of American Indian Removal 1750-1850 Dr. Edward Murphy

TBA: Wall Street Journal Columnist and Author

Ken Wells

Poetic Pilgrimages: From Baghdad to Andalucia

Dr. Miguel Vazquez



Spring 2002 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/11/02 The Russian Idea

Dr. Christopher Ely


Who wants to be a millionaire?

Professor Mellor


Dr. James McMahon

Image Compression Basics: Putting Square Images Through Round Wires 

Professor Belogay

On Drawing and Discovery

Professor Broderick
02/15/02 Greenways and Gophers Dr. Jon Moore

How Far Is It?

Dr. Mark Rupright

03/01/02 The Washington Center

Sandy Butler Whyte



03/15/02 Shamanism and Power in Post-Colonial Societies

Dr. Rachel Corr

03/22/02 Fat Points and Blow-Ups Professor Fitchett
03/29/02 Some Psychological Issues in the Study of War, Peace, and Terrorism Dr. Kevin Lanning
04/05/02 TBA TBA

Thinking about Nature's Value

Professor Mwangi wa Githinji

Medea Furens: Justice, Power, and Rage

Dr. Dan White



  Fall 2001 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/24/01 Witches and Wisewomen: Reading,Thinking , and Writing in the Middle Ages and Beyond

Professor Doggett


Image Compression Basics: Putting Square Images through Round Wires

Professor Belogay

Privacy in the Face of New Technologies of Surveillance

Dr. Mark Tunick

From Oz to West Egg: The New American Fairy Tale 

Professor Barrett

Religion and Politics in Latin America

Dr. Steigenga
09/28/01 Shining Light on the Last Two Rows of the Periodic Table Professor Hopkins

My Journey into and through Women's Studies

Dr. Njambi

10/12/01 Miscegenation in Puerto Rican Literary History

Professor Gosser-Esquilin

10/19/01                                          Aging: Is it Better to Burn Out or Fade Away

Dr. Kirchman


National Scholarship Recognition Ceremony; followed by "Zest for Life"

(special guest speaker)

Madeleine Singer

11/02/01 The Aging Mind Dr. Earles
11/09/01 Spain through the Looking Glass: the Clandestine Literature of the Last Muslims of Spain Dr. Miguel Vazquez
11/16/01 Violence and Nonviolence in the Civil Rights Movement Dr. Strain

Guest Speaker

Mr. Len Rivkin


Spring 2001 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/12/01 The Trial of the (last) century

Dr. Christopher Ely


Human Conflict: A Race Relations Study that made a Difference

Peter Kranz

Oedipus and the enigma of the enlightenment

Dr. Dan White

Challenging Equal Rights in a Country Town

Jerome Williams

Drawing, The Primary Sense

Professor Amy Broderick
02/16/01 Mountains in the Deep: Exploring the New England Seamounts Dr. Jon Moore

Investing in the Current Economic Climate

Timothy Swanson, Wachovia Bank

03/02/01 Getting Physical in Theory and Practice: The Importance of the Body in Feminist Studies

Dr. Martha McCaughey, Assoc Professor of Women's Studies, Virginia Tech

03/09/01 Was Einstein Right?

Professor Mark Rupright




03/23/01 TBA David Ramus, novelist
03/30/01 The Artist as Learner: Journey Through Creativity & Find Self Dr. Jackie Kern
04/06/01 Ethnographic Fieldwork in Coastal Ecuador Dr. Michael Harris, Associate Professor of Anthropology, FAU.

Image Compression: Putting Square Images through Round Wires

Professor Eugene Belogay

The Pine Jog Environmental Education Center

Pat Welch, Executive Director of Pine Jog


Fall 2000 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/25/00 On Individual Differences and the Individual:The Two Disciplines of Personality Psychology

Dr. Kevin Lanning


The Legislative Process

Sharon Merchant/Ken Pruitt

The Moral Obligation to Obey the Law

Dr. Mark Tunick

White Scholars, Black History

Dr. Christopher Strain

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Professor Blake Mellor
09/29/00 Becoming an Organic Chemist Professor LuAnne McNulty

 Contemporary Puerto Rican Literature and the Color Line

Professor  Mary Ann Gosser-Esquilin

10/13/00 Complex Systems: a discussion of issues from Dr. Kelso's new book Dynamic Patterns: The Self-Organization of Brain Behavior

Dr. Scott Kelso, founder and chair of FAU's Center for Complex Systems

10/20/00 Anglo-Saxons on the Mind

Professor Melissa Sprenkle


Study Abroad in Ecuador and Costa Rica

Dr. James Wetterer

11/03/00 Food as Ritual Metaphor: Symbols of Death and Rebirth in Andean Ecuador Dr. Rachel Corr
11/10/00 University Official Holiday: VETERANS DAY   
11/17/00 Who are Tristan and Isolde? Professor  Laine Doggett

University Official Holiday: THANKSGIVING


Journeys Of The Chemical Elements: An Antarctic Perspective

Professor  Bill Green


Spring 2000 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/14/00 Crossing Boundaries

Dr. William P. Mech


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Dr. Michael Harrawood

Giving Birth to a University

Robert Friedman

 Deconstructing the Quilt: Teaching and Learning about Women Artists

Dr. Jackie Kern

Study Abroad at F.A.U.

Dr. William Stronge
02/18/00 Can I Ever Go Home Again? Dr. Nancy K. Poulson

Enthymemes and other Arcana of Rhetoric

Dr. Melissa Sprenkle

03/03/00 Phat Points or Fat Points?

Dr. Stephanie Fitchett

03/10/00 Open Forum to Discuss Student Issues



What Poetry Does for Language

Peter Davison

03/31/00 Aging and Intelligence Dr. Julie  Earles
04/07/00 Travels with my Ants Dr. Jim Wetterer
04/14/00 Similes/Smiles Dr. Kristen O. Murtaugh

The Case of the Missing Currency

Dr. Case Sprenkle

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