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Fall 2009 Forum

Date Title Presenter
08/28/09 10th Anniversary Celebration

Cynthia Avari, Justin Pacific, Walteria Tucker

09/04/09 Discussion of Blink  Dr. Michael Harrawood

                  State Parks and Jim Crow, or America’s Best Idea Meets America’s Worst Idea

Dr. William O’Brien
09/18/09 Using Campus Services to Enhance Your Academic Success Student Life Staff
09/25/09 Play Nice in the Sandbox Sean Pierce
10/02/09 The Secret Literature of the Last Muslims in Spain Dr. Miguel Vazquez
10/09/09 Careers in Environmental Studies FPL Guest Speakers
10/16/09 Life After the HC

Sandra Lazo de la Vega

Jocelyn Sabbagh

10/23/09 Not Just Necessities: Making Your Internship Fun and Your Thesis Doable Katy Smith
10/30/09 Optimizing Conditions for Arson Investigations Dr. Eugene Smith

John Locke and the Right to Bear Arms

Dr. Mark Tunick

11/13/09 Named Scholar Ceremony Prof. Mirta Ojito
11/20/09 Retrospective: First Semester at “The HC” Dr. Jeffrey Buller



Spring 2009 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/09/09 When 1+1=0: An Introduction to Modern Algebra

Dr. Ryan Karr

01/16/09 John Brown, Slavery, and the Roots of the Civil War Dr. David Reynolds

Entrepreneurship and Risk Management

George Stamas
01/30/09 “I’ll be back”:  The Terminator and American Epic Literature Dr. Michael Harrawood
02/06/09 First Person Narrations of the Loss of Self:  War Literature and the Limits of Language  Dr. Hilary Edwards
02/13/09 Anchors & Surfboards: What makes the dynactin complex so complex? Dr. Nick Quintyne
02/20/09  The Historical Origins of Terrorism

Dr. Chris Ely

02/27/09  Ritual and Rebellion in the Colonial Andes

Dr. Rachel Corr

03/06/09 Spring Break  X
03/13/09 Vistula String Quartet  
03/20/09 From Guatemala to El Sol: Immigration and Transnational Community

Dr. Tim Steigenga

03/27/09  A Little Bit of Game Theory Dr. Kanybek Nur-tegin
04/03/09 Symposium Dr. Hans J. Czap
04/10/09 Pulling Fish from the Freezer, Recent Research in Antarctica  Dr. Jon Moore
04/17/09 Walk like an Egyptian  Dr. Jeffrey L. Buller




Fall 2008 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/29/08 Panel discussion of the FAU Freshman Reading Selection, “Nickel and Dimed” 

Dr. Keving Lanning

Dr. Christopher Strain


Global Warming and the Myth of Hydrogen

Dr. Michelle Ivey

The IRONy of Aging

Dr. Paul Kirchman
09/19/08 Freedom to Break the Laws: One solution to the “Free Will Problem” Dr. Amy McLaughlin
09/26/08 Them! Dr. Jim Wetterer
10/03/08 Some Economics of Sports Dr. Keith Jakee
10/10/08 A Brief History of Pi

Dr. Robin Jordan

10/17/08 Named Scholar Ceremony - Consumer Product Safety

Ann Brown

10/24/08 Ethnomathematics – What is this? Dr. Terje Hoim
10/31/08  Optimizing Conditions for Arson Investigations  Dr. Eugene Smith
11/07/08 An Election Post-Mortem

Dr. Martin Sweet

11/14/08 Enticing the Criminal: the problem of entrapment Dr. Mark Tunick
11/21/08 Retrospective: First Semester at “The HC” Dr. Jeffrey Buller


Spring 2008 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/11/08 The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: a note on Shakespeare

Dr. Dr. Michael Harrawood


Putting Square Images through Round Wires

Dr. Eugene Belogay

Conservation of Gopher Tortoises and Their Habitat Along the East Coast of Florida

Dr. Jon Moore
02/01/08 Comparison of Higher Education Systems in the U.S. and France Dr. Michael Armstrong
02/08/08  Online Social Networking & College Students Dr. Sameer Hinduja
02/15/08 When 1+1=0: An Introduction to Modern Algebra

Dr. Ryan Karr

02/22/08 Consuming Caribbean Bodies: Literary Examples

Dr. Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín

02/29/08 The First Terrorists

Dr. Christopher Ely

03/07/08 Spring Break X
03/14/08 The American Identity Dr. Sheldon Hackney
03/21/08 Jim Crow and State Parks in the South, 1934-1966

Dr. William O’Brien

03/28/08 Eyewitness Memory for Events Dr. Julie Earles
04/04/08 Honors College Research Symposium TBA
04/11/08 Art in the Digital Age Dr. Dorothea Lemeh
04/18/08 What Becomes a Legend Most? Dr. Jeffrey L. Buller



Fall 2007 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/31/07 Panel discussion of the FAU Freshman Reading Selection, “The Orchid Thief”

Dr. Laura Barrett

Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes

Dr. Jon Moore


Privacy in Public Places: Does GPS Surveillance Provide a Plain View?

Dr. Mark Tunick

Global Warming and the Myth of Hydrogen

Dr. Michelle Ivey
09/21/07 Ernest Hemingway – Latent Feminist James McGarrah, MFA
09/28/07 The Spanish Poetry of the Last Muslims in Spain Dr. Miguel Vazquez
10/05/07 Periodic Table of the Elements

Dr. Veljko Dragojlovic 

10/12/07 Named Scholar Ceremony (1-3 p.m.)

Lucia Robson

10/19/07 Emotion: Adaptive or Maladaptive?

Dr. Laura Vernon

10/26/07 Optimizing Conditions for Arson Investigations Dr. Eugene Smith
11/02/07 Visual Ethnography Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes
11/09/07 Study Abroad and Global Citizenship

Dr. Cathy Meschievitz

11/16/07 Killing Them Softly: Ignoring, Evading, and Trumping the U.S. Supreme Court Dr. Martin Sweet
11/23/07 Thanksgiving  
11/30/07 Retrospective: First Semester at “The HC” Dr. Jeffery Buller


Spring 2007 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/12/07 Cellular Aging: Do We Burn Out or Fade Away?

Dr. Paul Kirchman


What I did on my Sabbatical

Dr. Stephanie Fitchett

Ripples in Spacetime

Dr. Mark Rupright

The Adaptive & Maladaptive Aspects of Emotion

Dr. Laura Vernon
02/09/07   Andean Cultural Studies at FAU Dr. Rachel Corr

Music Inspired by the Art of the Children of the Holocaust

Dr. Carolyn Bryan

Dr. Sandra McClain

02/23/07 Fragrances and Perfumes

Dr. Veljko Dragojlovic

03/02/07 The Three Gorges Dam: China's Modernization and Historical Heritage Preservation

Dr.  Yu Jiang

03/09/07 Spring Break


03/16/07 When 1+1=0: An Introduction to Modern Algebra Dr. Ryan Karr

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Cancer Cell Division

 Dr. Nicholas Quintyne
03/30/07 Believing is seeing, or is it?

Prof. Dorotha Lemeh

04/06/07 The Economics of Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll  Dr. Keith Jakee
04/13/07 Holy Smoke: Church Arson in the U.S. Dr. Christopher Strain
04/20/07 An Oedipus for the Rest of Us Dr. Jeffrey Buller


Fall 2006 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/25/06 Can the Study of Personality be Scientific?

Dr. Kevin Lanning


Playgoing in Shakespeare's London: 1574-1642

Dr. Michael Harrawood 

The Moral Obligation to Obey the Law

Dr. Mark Tunick

Lived Religion, Transnational Identity, and Collective Action among the Maya of Jupiter

Dr. Tim Steigenga

The Maldives Mystery

Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes
09/29/06 Image Compression: Putting Square Images through Round Wires Dr. Eugene Belogay

The Clandestine Literature of the Last Muslims of Spain

Dr. Miguel Vazquez

10/13/06 Castaways, Stowaways and Illegal Immigrants

Dr. Jon Moore

10/20/06 Africa: A Personal Perspective on Democracy and Education

Harry A. Johnston, former state senator, US Congressman, and Special Envoy to the Sudan

10/27/06 The War on Terror: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Prof. Donald Downs, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison

11/03/06 Optimizing Conditions for Arson Investigation Dr. Eugene Smith
11/10/06 Veteran's Day  

Nietzsche and the Poetry of Technology

Dr. Dan White




Spring 2006 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/13/06 “I'll be back!”: repetition, doubling, incest and revenge in The Terminator 

Dr. Michael Harrawood


Transportation and Immigration in Latin American and U.S. Latino Literatures

Dr. Mary Ann Gosser-Esquilin

Arson Investigation – Optimizing Analysis Conditions

Dr. Eugene Smith


Dr. Christopher Strain

The Clandestine Literature of the Last Muslims in Spain

Dr. Miguel Vazquez
02/17/06 Consumer Package & Products: Reflections on a Career Ray Viault, Former Vice-Chairman of General Mills

 Bronze Inscriptions and Confucianism in Early China

Dr. Yu Jiang

03/03/06 TBA

Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes

03/10/06 Spring Break


03/17/06 Fishes and Corals on the New England Seamount

Dr. Jon Moore

03/24/06 How the World Got Rich Quick Dr. Travis Lybbert
03/31/06 The Persistence of Unconstitutional Laws Dr. Martin Sweet
04/07/06 Indescribable violence, truth, and what it means to be human: Why you should care about the literature of war Dr. Hilary Edwards 

When 1 + 1 = 0: A Modern Twist on Classical Algebra

Dr. Ryan Karr

What Can We Learn from the Post-WWII Allied Occupation of Japan?

Dr. William Lando




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