AA Requirements

AA Degree Requirements

  1. Students must earn 60 credits in academic courses acceptable toward the degree with at least a 2.0 cumulative FAU GPA.
  2. Earn a minimum of 40 of the 60 credits at the lower-division (1000-2000) level as indicated by the Statewide Course Numbering System designations or their equivalents.
  3. Students can apply no more than 30 credits of nontraditional credit toward the degree. This includes Advanced Placement, College Level Examination Program, and International Baccalaureate credits. Credits earned in this manner are transfer credits.
  4. Students must earn at least 30 credits in residence at the Honors College and complete the last semester in residence at the Honors College.
  5. Students must fulfill the Honors College Core/General Education requirements. This includes satisfying the Writing Across the Curriculum/Gordon Rule requirement, including ENC 1123 or its equivalent, the Gordon Rule computation requirements, and Forum. Students need not complete the international, environmental, Critical Inquiry Seminar, non-classroom learning, or foreign language requirements in order to receive an AA.
  6. Students must submit an Associate of Arts Degree application to the Honors College Director of Academic Support Services. Students cannot apply for an AA degree during a semester in which they are awarded a baccalaureate degree. Non-degree students and students who transfer with 40 or more credits may not apply for the A.A. degree at FAU. Additionally, students with an "I" (incomplete) grade on their transcripts may not apply for the A.A. degree until the "I" is removed.

Last Modified 11/8/16