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Students Complete Link Foundation Summer Internship

Link Foundation Interns Students Complete Link Foundation Summer Internship
August 7, 2013 (Jupiter, FL) - Congratulations to Florida Atlantic University’s students who completed this summer’s Link Foundation internship at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI). Three students from the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College, Claire Robinson, Amanda Alker and Andrew Kessler, participated in this summer’s program.

The Link Foundation Summer Internship Program fosters studies for students in marine sciences and ocean engineering and instrumentation. The summer internship program has been implemented at the HBOI for 40 years and has hosted 520 college/university students during that time.

“The summer internship program is an exceptional opportunity for students to complete hands-on training alongside experienced professionals in their chosen study,” noted Honors College Biology Professor Dr. Jon Moore. “Our main goals are to promote interest in marine biology and to expose students to the opportunities within ocean engineering.”

Claire Robinson mentored with Marilyn Mazzoil, conducting research related to manatees. Claire learned to photograph manatees at Harbor Branch and used the photo identification system to identify manatees that have previously been seen in the area. Former Honors College student Lauren Nys started this project in 2009 and Claire continued the work using photos collected over the last five years and her own photos, as well. Read more about the Harbor Branch’s work with Manatees.

Andrew Kessler mentored with Dr. Dennis Hanisak, studying the ecology of seagrass beds. Andrew looked for the presence of seagrass seeds in the bottom sediment to see if there was a "seed bank" of seeds that could potentially sprout and regrow seagrass beds in places where they have disappeared in the Indian River Lagoon.

Amanda Alker mentored with Dr. Josh Voss, conducting research on the microbial ecology of corals. She was specifically looking at the bacterial community living in the mucus coating normally found on the surface of coral colonies.
The Link Foundation supports the 10-week fellowships for undergraduates to help students gain experience in ongoing scientific projects and field research.
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