Department of History
Heather Frazer
Ph.D., Duke University
Professor Emerita

Areas of Expertise
British Empire
Modern England
Women's History
Oral History
faculty photo

Dr. Frazer specializes in the British Empire, India, and Women's history with an emphasis on the modern period. She also offers a graduate class in Oral History. She is the recipient of many teaching awards including the Teaching Incentive Program Award and the University Distinguished Teaching Award.

Dr. Frazer's most recent publications include: "We Have Just Begun Not to Fight"; An Oral History of Conscientious Objectors in Civilian Public Service During World War II (1996 Co-authored); "All Quiet on the Hollywood Front: Actor Lew Ayres as Conscientious Objector," Film and History (1997); "Curzon and His Indian Legacy: Consumate Imperialist and Preserver of Ancient Monuments," Southeast Review of Asian Studies (1995); and numerous entries to the Historical Dictionary of the British Empire.

Undergraduate Courses
  • History of U.S. Women
  • History of Modern India
  • Women in Asian History
  • Indian Civilization
  • Modern England
  • British Empire
  • Women in European History
  • Women’s History in the Developing World
  • Senior Seminar
Graduate Courses
  • Victorian England
  • Seminar in Oral History
  • Non Western History



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