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Spring 2017

Alan B. and Charna Larkin Symposium:  "Critical Moments of the American Presidency:  Past, Present and Future" , Michael Beschloss, Presidential Historian


Spring 2016

Alan B. and Charna Larkin Symposium: "The President and American Capitalism Since 1945"


Keynote Address: "Shopper in Chief:  Presidential Leadership in America's Consumer Republic" Brian Balogh

Conference Presentations:   

--"Presidents, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the Ascendant Politics of 'Free Enterprise', Mark Wilson, University of North       Carolina

-- "Fiscal Bounty: Presidents, the Federal Budget and Economic Good, Iwan Morgan, University College , London, England

-- "The Antigovernment Impulse:  The Presidency and the Splintering of the Public Good", Brent Cebul, University of Richmond

--"American Presidents and the American University" Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, Loyola University of Chicago

--"Parallel Ladders to the Glass Ceiling:  Presidential and Corporate Executive Appointments", Pamela Walker Laird, University of Colorado, Denver

--"9 to 5" Affirmative Action, and the Legality of Occupational Segregation", Alison Elias, Cornell University

--"Standing Athwart Financialization and Yelling Stop:  Jimmy Carter and the Failure of the Credit Control Act", Sean Vanatta, Princeton University

--"Computerizing America:  Presidents, Business and Politics in a Digital Age", Andrew Meade McGee, University of Virginia

--"The President, Financial Planning and American Retirement Planning", Paula Gajewski, Vanderbilt University

--"The Post-Industrial City", Tracy Neumann, Wayne State University

--"Turning the Bull Loose" The Reagan Administration, Financial Deregulation, and the Reconstruction of New York City, Joe Arena, The Ohio State University

--"Public Service Employment, the 1970s, and the Last Gasps of the War on Poverty", Daniel Amsterdam, Georgia Institute of Technology

--"Dear Mr. President:  I Apologize for Writing You So Often" - Enron and Energy at the End of the 20th Century, Gavin Benke, Boston University

--Government GMO: George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and the Political Brokering of a Biotech Revolution, 1986-2000, Bartow Elmore, University of Alabama


Fall 2016

O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture :  "The Evolution of a U.S. Ambassador:  Policy and Perspective in a Global Age", Ambassador Robert (Skipp) Orr, Retired



Fall 2015


O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture: "Eleanor Roosevelt and the Battle for Human Rights:  1945 to the Present", Allida Black, George Washington University


Spring 2015


Alan B. Larkin Symposium: "Truman's Presidency and World War II at 70", Remarks by David McCullough moderated by historian Wilson D. Miscamble. 


Lecture with Wilson D. Miscamble : "The Most Controversial Decision: Truman, the Atomic Bombs and the Defeat of Japan"


Fall 2014

O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture:  "Hitler and the Decisions for the Final Solution", Chrisopher R. Browning, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


Spring 2014

Alan B. Larkin Symposium : "Inside the White House from Nixon to Obama”  A Conversation with Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein moderated by historian Dr. Timothy Naftali


Fall 2013

O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture: "The Role of Diplomacy in 20th Century American Foreign Policy," Jeffrey Morton, Florida Atlantic University


Spring 2013

Alan B. Larkin Symposium: "Abraham Lincoln's Presidency and Civil War America"


Keynote Address: "Lincoln's Constitutionalism and the Meaning of the Suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus" Mark E. Neely, Jr.

Conference Presentations:   

--"The Age of Lincoln" Vernon Burton, Clemson University

-- "The Union Home Front"  Matthew Gallman, University of Florida

-- "Lincoln the Leader" Richard Carwardine, Oxford University

--"War-time Emancipation" Kate Masur, Northwestern University

--"Presidential Reconstruction" Brooks D. Simpson, Arizona State University


Fall 2012

O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture : "Consuming our Way to Economic Recovery" Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University


Spring 2012

Alan B. Larkin Symposium : "Economy and Security in the 21st Century"  Madeleine K. Albright, Former Secretary of State


Fall 2011

O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture: "The Nuclear Promise:  Global Consequences of an American Dream" Jacob Hamblin, Oregon State University


Spring 2011

Alan B. Larkin Symposium:   “The Pentagon Papers Forty Years Later" Daniel Ellsberg


Fall 2010

O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture : "Enemies Within:  The Conspiracy Culture of Modern America" Robert Goldberg, University of Utah


Spring 2010

Alan B. Larkin Symposium: "America's Future in the Middle East:  What is Obama to Do?" Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering


Fall 2009

O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture : The Greatest Generation in A Good War?  "A New Look at Wartime America" Thomas W. Zeiler, University of Colorado, Boulder


Spring 2009

Alan B. Larkin Symposium: "Civil Rights From Nixon to Obama"

Keynote Address: “Winning While Losing?: The Conservative Movement and Civil Rights during the Reagan Years” Mary Frances Berry, University of Pennsylvania

Conference Presentations:  

--“The Great Divide?: Race and Partisanship after the Civil Rights Movement” John D. Skrentny, University of California at San Diego

--"A Peculiar Partnership: Egalitarianism and Free-Market Conservatism in the United States and the World since the 1970s" Thomas Borstelmann, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

--“Barack Obama: ‘Turning the Page’ on the Conservative Era in American Politics” Ronald W. Walters, University of Maryland

--“Rebuilding Institutions and Redefining Issues: The Reagan Justice Department and Civil Rights” Richard L. Pacelle, Jr., Georgia Southern University

-- “In the Shadow of Ronald Reagan: Civil Rights Policy Making in the Clinton Administration” Robert C. Smith, San Francisco State University

--“Old Vinegar in a New Bottle: Vote Denial in the 2000 Presidential Election and Beyond” Charles L. Zelden, Nova Southeastern University.


Fall 2008: O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture: "Harry S. Truman, the Bomb, and the Transformation of U.S. Foreign Policy" Wilson D. Miscamble, University of Notre Dame


Spring 2008

Alan B. Larkin Symposium : “The First Lady of the Press Speaks on Women, Washington, and the War”  Helen Thomas


Fall 2007

O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture: “Revisiting the Jazz Age” Nancy F. Cott, Harvard University


Spring 2007 Inaugural Alan B. Larkin Symposium “Selling War in a Media Age”

Keynote Address: "Selling War in the Media Age" David Halberstam

Conference Presentations :

--“Selling the New Empire: The War of 1898 and the Dawn of the American Century” George C. Herring, University of Kentucky

--“War and the Health of the State: The U.S. Government and the Communications Revolution during World War I” Emily S. Rosenberg, University of California at Irvine

-- “Franklin Roosevelt and American Public Opinion During World War II” Mark A. Stoler, University of Vermont

--“The Hard Sell: Korea” Marilyn B. Young, New York University “Cementing Consensus in the Cold War” Robert D. Schulzinger, University of Colorado at Boulder

-- “Eisenhower’s Dilemma: Talking Peace and Waging Cold War after Stalin’s Death” Kenneth Osgood, Florida Atlantic University

"‘We Need to Get a Better Story to the American People’: Johnson, Nixon, and the Vietnam War on Television” Chester Pach , Ohio University

-- “Selling Star Wars: Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative” Paul S. Boyer, University of Wisconsin at Madison

--“The Ministry of Fear: Selling the Iraq Wars” Lloyd C. Gardner, Rutgers University


Fall 2006

O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture: "The Nazis and Dixie:  African Americans, Jewish Americans, and Fascism, 1933-1939" Glenda Gilmore, Yale University



O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture: "Religion and Politics: An American Tradition"  David Goldfield



Inaugural O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture : "Blind Spot: A Secret History of U.S. Counter-terrorism": Timothy J. Naftali, Director of the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library




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