Reporting Violations

All members of the FAU community can help with enforcement of the Tobacco Free Policy. If you observe an individual who is violating the Tobacco Free Policy, you can nicely inform that individual that we are proud to be a Smoke-Free/Tobacco-Free Campus and to please put out the tobacco product. If you have one of the informational cards, you can give it to them or use the online violation form.

Let them know we have resources to help:

If they refuse to cease smoking and/or continue to use the tobacco product, walk away. Do not get into a confrontational situation. Utilize the online site to report the day, time, and location of the incident, and who you think was involved; student, faculty, staff, or visitor.

Together we can make our FAU campus a healthier and safer place to study, work, and live.

 Last Modified 12/14/16