Policy Enforcement


How will the tobacco-free policy be enforced?

To ensure compliance is achieved through a universal message via scripting and policy education, Tobacco-Free Ambassadors are out on campus to remind students, staff, faculty, visitors, contractors, and vendors to respect the policy.

We understand that it takes time to gain full compliance with a tobacco-free campus policy. During the spring semester as the policy is being put into practice, we need to regularly remind staff, faculty, students, contractors, and visitors about the policy and to provide information on how smokers can get the help they need to change their behavior. Unless individuals act inappropriately to being informed of the policy and their need to stop the action in violation of the policy, they will simply be given information on the policy and getting assistance to deal with their addiction.  Individuals that act inappropriately will be reported to the appropriate supervision body: Students - Dean of Students; Faculty - their supervisor; Staff - their supervisor; visitors - University  police; vendors – Facilities Planning and Construction.

What happens if I violate the regulation and use tobacco on campus?

Employees and Students: First-time offenders will receive a warning. The Notice of Violation will provide you with information on resources available to help you manage your tobacco use and/or resources if you are ready to quit.

What should I do if I see someone smoking and/or using tobacco products?

Employees/Students/Vendors/Visitors: You can provide them with education. As you approach the user, you can inform them that we are proud to be a Smoke-Free/Tobacco-Free Campus and to please put out the tobacco product. Hand them an informational card if you have one available. Let them know we have resources to help. If they refuse to cease smoking and/or the tobacco use, walk away. Do not get into a confrontational situation. Utilize the online site to report the day, time, and location of the incident, and who you think was involved; student, faculty, staff, or visitor.

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Suggested Language for approaching someone who is violating the policy:

  1. If the person using tobacco appears to be unaware of the university's ban, you might begin by saying something such as... "You may not be aware, but smoking and/or using tobacco is not permitted at FAU. It's part of our commitment to protect the health of everyone while they're here."
  2. If the person does not respond by discontinuing his or her tobacco use, you might say something like... "We are a tobacco-free campus and it's important for the health of all of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors that you not use while you are here. Thank you very much."
  3. If the person continues, you can pleasantly but firmly make one more try, saying something like... "The ban is in place for the well-being of everyone at FAU. We would appreciate your cooperation. If you prefer to continue to use tobacco, you'll need to move to a location off our property where smoking is permitted. Thank you. "
  4. If the person still refuses to abide by the tobacco-free policy, let the matter drop and report the encounter to the online reporting site or FAU police or an FAU administrator.
  5. If the person becomes confrontational or abusive, please walk away. If you fear for your safety, call the FAU Police. [University Police at 561-297-3500 (Boca Raton), 561-799-8700 (MacArthur), 954-762-5611 (Ft. Lauderdale), 954-924-7000 (Sea-Tech), 954-475-6626 (Davie) or ? (Harbor Branch)]

Staff should feel free to use their own words to express the suggested language. These notes are provided simply as a guideline.

"Are you aware that we do not allow the use of tobacco products of any kind on our campus? I ask you to please respect our policy and put your cigarette out (or other tobacco product) and dispose of it in a trash can. Instead of using tobacco on campus, we have nicotine replacement available for a discounted price to manage your cravings and help you feel more comfortable."

If you are not comfortable approaching someone who is violating the tobacco-free policy, you can use the online report form on the website at www.fau.edu/healthycampus

Communications of the tobacco-free policy

Persons will be informed of this policy and the availability of smoking-cessation services via a public education and awareness campaign, the Florida Atlantic University website (including postings to Admissions, Human Resources, Environmental Health & Safety, University Relations, Athletics and others), signs posted in appropriate areas throughout university property, university and departmental newsletters, e-mail communication to all employees, students and alumni; and employee and student handbooks.

Effective implementation of this policy depends upon the courtesy and cooperation of all members of the university community, not only to comply with this policy, but also to encourage others to comply with the policy. Visitors, contractors, and other individuals on campus who are in violation of the policy should be informed of the policy and asked to comply by discarding tobacco products. All employees and students violating the policy should be reminded of the policy and asked to comply by discarding tobacco products.

What happens if I violate the Policy after I have been issued a warning?

Employees and Students: If you violate the regulation a second time, you will be required to attend two smoking/tobacco management/dependence consultations with the Office of Health and Wellness Education (561-297-1048). These classes are intended to help you manage your tobacco use. You may sign up for these classes with Office of Health and Wellness Education by calling their office (561-297-1048). You must register for these classes within 14 days of receiving this notice and complete all classes within one semester of the notice. Failure to comply will  automatically be considered a third violation.

Tobacco-Free Ambassadors

If you would like to become a Tobacco-Free Ambassador, we ask that you receive some training. This training will help prepare everyone in how we would like to interact with individuals that are violating the policy. If this is something that you would like to help with, please submit your information on the following page.

Click here to become a Tobacco-Free Ambassador

 Last Modified 12/14/16