FAU Healthy Minds Study

What is the Healthy Minds Study?

The Healthy Minds Study (HMS) is an annual web-based survey on mental health that has been conducted at about 300 colleges and universities with over 300,000 undergraduate, graduate, and online students. A link to the confidential survey will be sent out to all FAU students in a series of emails from President John Kelly. The survey will be open for FAU student completion from January 27 through February 16.

Are my responses private?

Yes. HMS is confidential and voluntary. HMS is run by a first-class research team out of University of Michigan. FAU will receive de-identified data from them that will not include your name, Z number, or any other information about you that might allow someone to identify your survey responses. You may choose to skip some questions or stop taking the survey at any point.

How is the survey data going to be used?

HMS first launched nationally in 2007 and is designed to provide data on the most effective ways for universities and colleges to invest in mental health resources and programs for their students. HMS is one of the only annual higher education surveys that focuses exclusively on mental health and related issues. HMS examines service utilization and help-seeking behavior, including factors such as stigma, knowledge, and the role of peers. Our HMS results will allow FAU to learn more about the mental health and wellness needs of FAU students, how mental health issues interfere with academic performance, and what additional programs and services are needed at FAU.

What will completing the HMS be like?

HMS is a survey that is completed online and takes most people 20-25 minutes.

 Last Modified 1/29/20