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Mingshun Jiang, Ph.D.
Associate Research Professor


Research overview

Dr. Jiang is a physical oceanographer specializing in coupled physical-biogeochemical-ecological modeling. His research interests include estuarine and coastal dynamics, iron and carbon cycles, water quality, ecosystem functioning, and coastal inundation. Dr. Jiang has been developing numerical models for a wide range of marine systems from coastal to open oceans including Boston Harbor, Massachusetts Bay, Gulf of Maine, Pacific Ocean, and Southern Ocean. These models provide powerful tools to studying fundamental marine processes such as river plumes, meso-scale eddies, nutrient fluxes and harmful algal blooms, iron and carbon cycling, and coastal flooding. Understanding of these processes is critical to addressing a number of pressing issues for coastal and ocean environments including land-ocean interactions, human activities and eutrophication, carbon cycle and ocean acidification, and the impacts of sea level rise. This knowledge will further assist in the management decisions in marine ecosystem protection, habitat restoration, and conservation efforts. Recently, Dr. Jiang has developed 1) a coupled physical-biological-carbon-pH model in Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay for studying the mechanisms of unusual Phaeocystis blooms and impacts of ocean acidification, and 2) a coupled physical-biogeochemical-Fe-Ra model in the Antarctic Peninsula, Drake Passage, and Scotia Sea regions in the Southern Ocean for studying iron and carbon cycling.


Recent projects

Boston Harbor-Mass Bay: Laboratory for Urban and Coastal Environmental Science (LUCES), PIs: William Robinson et al., Mingshun Jiang (senior scientist), UMass President S&T fund, 07/01/2013-06/30/2014, $120K

Development of a coupled physical-biological model and investigation of the inter-annual and long-term changes of plankton abundances in the Gulf of Maine, Healey Endowment Grant, Mingshun Jiang (PI), Zhongping Lee, Meng Zhou, 07/01/2012-06/30/2013, $12K

Collaborative data mining research center (DMRC) on cyber-enabled discovery and innovation, University of Massachusetts President’s Science and Technology Fund 2012, PIs: Dan Simovici (PI), Wei Ding, Melissa Morabito, Meng Zhou, Mingshun Jiang, 08/01/2011-07/31/2012, $125K

Collaborative Research: Modeling and synthesis study of a natural iron fertilization site in the Southern Drake Passage. Meng Zhou (PI), Mingshun Jiang (co-PI), NSF, 08/01/2010-07/31/2013, $176,459

Iron Sources and Transport in the Southern Drake Passage, Mingshun Jiang (PI), Matt Charette, Chris Measures, Meng Zhou, NOAA/GCC, 8/1/2009-7/31/2013, $270,814

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