Specialty License Plates

These four Florida Specialty License Plates provide funding that supports the innovative and applied research in areas of science that bring solutions to needs expressed by Florida residents. Visit your county's tax collector to purchase your plate(s), or click on one of the links below to order online. To find out more about the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Foundation, click here.

AquacultureThis plate funds research into techniques for farming in water to produce animals and plants for food and ecosystem restoration. Current work includes a novel land-based multi-trophic aquaculture system designed to maximize the environmental and economical efficiency of production. Watch a short video to learn more about HBOI's aquaculture research.

Click here to order a Florida Aquaculture specialty license plate.

Protect Florida Whales
Protect Florida Whales Proceeds from this plate support the study of whale species found in Florida waters. Current research is focused on the acoustic behavior and social vocalizations of the North Atlantic right whale, the most endangered of all great whales; Additional research and conservation work includes responding to strandings of whales such as pilot and sperm whales. Watch a short video to learn more about HBOI's whale research, education and outreach.

Click here to order a Protect Florida Whales specialty license plate.

Protect Wild Dolphins
Protect Wild Dolphins This plate enables research of one of the state’s most beloved marine mammals. Watch a short video to learn more about HBOI's dolphin research. Current research and conservation efforts include:

Click here to order a Protect Wild Dolphins specialty license plate.

Save Our Seas
Save our Seas Florida is an ocean state and sales of this plate support a broad variety of research in marine and coastal ecosystems. Watch a short video to learn more about some of the research this plate supports. Current projects include:

  • The Indian River Lagoon Observatory, a multidisciplinary study of one of Florida’s most significant estuaries that includes project-based research of biodiversity and ecosystem function, cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms, seagrass communities along a water quality gradient in the central Indian River Lagoon (IRL), and high-frequency water quality monitoring in the central IRL to establish a baseline

Click here to order a Save Our Seas specialty license plate.







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