M.S. Environmental Sciences

M.S. Environmental Sciences students at Harbor Branch tend to undertake a thesis commitment. All the departments in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Sciences and the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters participate in the program, as do several other colleges across FAU. Students are required to take most of the coursework spread across six core subject areas. The exact courses taken are to be determined by the students and their advisory committees. The application deadlines are March 15 for the fall semester and October 15 for the spring semester


General Requirements

Minimum of 36 credit hours (Thesis option)

      • 22-28 hrs from core subject areas and electives
      • 6-12 Thesis credits
      • 2 or more hrs in Environmental Science Colloquium
      • At least one course from each of the four difference core subject areas
      • No more than 9 hrs of electives taken outside the core areas
      • No more than 6 hrs at a 4000 level
      • No more than 3 hrs of Directed Independent Study may be counted towards degree

Degree must be completed within 7 years

Core subject areas: Chemistry, Geographic Information Science, Modeling, Statistics, Conservation and Ecology, Policy and Planning

Additional Information