FAU's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute welcomes your enthusiasm, experience and energy as a volunteer.  Anyone interested in volunteering may complete the application .  Consideration is given to all applications and placement is based on the Institute’s needs which may include short-term and on-going opportunities.

For more information, please contact:

Cathy Rossmell, HBOI Volunteer Coordinator

HBOI Outreach - A Call for Volunteers

Dolphin Photo-ID Program Volunteers are needed to help with field and office work. Volunteers will be assigned to a day of the week and depending on the weather will either participate on the boat with Photo-ID employees or stay with them in the office.  If it is a boat day, the day may consist of a total of 6-10 hours.  If the day turns out to be an office day, the time may vary depending on how much office work is needed.  The program is currently looking for people to work both in the field and in the office.  You may volunteer to do both types of jobs or just one (just office or just field work).  There will be no physical interaction with live marine mammals.

Dolphin Photo-ID Program Volunteer requirements:
   • Able to perform office tasks including: photocopying and scanning data sheets, entering data into Access, image archival, preliminary photo-ID analysis of dorsal fins and other office duties as necessary (Basic computer experiece is required, experience with Access and Photoshop is preferred)
   • Able to accompany team on boat in field with main focus being on data recording and assisting in searching for dolphins during surveys (boating experience preferred but not required) Must be comfortable on boats and around the water for extended periods of time in all types of weather conditions
   • Able to handle strenuous field conditions and be physically fit
   • Able to bring their own food, water and other items needed for weather and water conditions