Queen Conch


Principal Investigator

Megan Davis Ph.D.
Research Professor

Megan Davis, Ph.D. is a research professor in the Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement Program at FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI). For four decades, Davis has combined her strengths in aquaculture, marine ecology, education, business and project management to lead several team projects throughout the Caribbean and Florida. She has held many leadership roles in research, academics, for-profit companies, technology transfer, institutional leadership and administration.

After graduating with her BSc in aquaculture and environmental science from Florida Institute of Technology, she spent ten years in the Turks and Caicos Islands as a co-founder and chief scientist of the world’s first queen conch farm. During this time she was instrumental in developing commercial techniques for queen conch aquaculture and restoration. Davis continued her queen conch studies with Caribbean Marine Research Center in the Bahamas and completed her MSc and PhD at Florida Institute of Technology. In 1996, she joined HBOI and was part of the team that retrained more than 700 commercial fishers to be clam farmers, after they were impacted by a state-enacted net ban. This program advanced the clam industry to be one of the leading aquaculture segments in Florida. She was actively involved in establishing HBOI’s 30-acre Aquaculture Development Park, which today continues to serve the industry through workforce training and development of new technology and production of species in recirulating, zero discharge systems. In a partnership with Darden Restaurant, Inc., Davis led the science team on developing components of a large-scale spiny lobster aquaculture project in the Caribbean. She was also lead HBOI administrator for a 10-year cooperative agreement program with USDA-ARS at HBOI, which advanced domestic warmwater marine fish. Her interests include development of aquaculture species for commercialization, working with private industry, and providing training to advance the aquaculture industry. Davis continues to conduct research on hatchery conch restoration The Bahamas. One of Davis’ passions is sharing information about healthy food choices through cooking demonstrations that are combined with presentations about sustainable seafood.

Davis is a board member for the  Consortium for Ocean Leadership , the  Florida Ocean Alliance  and the Treasure Coast Education, Research and Development Authority ,. She also serves on the Management Board for the  Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program  and is a member of the  NOAA Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee Aquaculture Task Force.

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