Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement

HBOI Aquaculture

Aquaculture, the farming of plants and animals in aquatic environments, can be used to grow freshwater and saltwater organisms for food, sport fishing, ecosystem restoration, aquarium markets and pharmaceuticals. The Aquaculture & Stock Enhancement Program:

  • researches and develops economically feasible and environmentally sustainable methods to grow finfish, shellfish and algae for food and stock enhancement
  • studies species and ecosystems that may prove amenable to restoration efforts, and the viability of restoration strategies
  • contributes to workforce development by serving as an aquaculture education resource

We are located on Harbor Branch’s 30-acre Aquaculture Development Park. The facilities use freshwater and saltwater recirculation technology to supply and treat the water to our hatcheries, nurseries, grow-out areas, biosecure buildings, laboratories and classrooms. Our scientists collaborate with academic, government, private sector and research institutions to expand aquaculture in Florida, the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Research Areas



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