Administration & Operations

Dr. Megan Davis-Hodgkins

Megan Davis, Ph.D.

Interim Executive Director
Research Professor

Dr. Davis' career spans more than 36 years and includes research in the areas of marine science, ecology and aquaculture. Her experience encompasses a wide range of leadership roles in research, academics, for-profit companies, technology transfer, institutional leadership and administration. Dr. Davis is a graduate of Florida Institute of Technology and has been with Harbor Branch since 1996. Prior to her current appointment, she served as Associate Executive Director of Research beginning in 2008. Her interests include development of aquaculture species for food and stock enhancement and providing training to advance the aquaculture industry. Dr. Davis was a co-founder of the world’s first queen conch farm in the Caribbean, where she was instrumental in developing commercial techniques for queen conch aquaculture. More recently she was co-inventor of queen conch cultured pearl techniques that led to licensing of the technology to Rose Pearl, LLC. Dr. Davis is the co-chair of an emerging initiative, Our Global Estuary, that focuses on the health, ecosystem and economics of estuaries locally and globally. As Interim Executive Director, she oversees research development and operations at Harbor Branch.

Paul Wills

Paul Wills, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Research
Associate Research Professor

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Peter McCarthy

Peter McCarthy, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Education
Research Professor

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Patric Boles

Patrick Boles

Associate Executive Director of Operations

Norma Gammons

Norma Gammons

Senior Executive Secretary

Larry Macke

Larry Macke

Research Communications Project Manager

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