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Graduate Research: Dissertations Completed

Dissertation Defense Announcements

Summer 2016

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
College of Business
College of Education
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
College for Design and Social Inquiry


Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Kenneth Brander
"The Temple in Jerusalem Idealized and the Historic-Synagogue-Institution: A Study in Synagogue Purposes in an American Context"
Dissertation Advisor: Alan Berger

Gary  Brooten
"The Very Useful Notion: A Rhetorical History of the Idea of Human-Made Climate Change, 1950-2000"
Dissertation Advisor: Noemi Marin

Laura DeJong
"Seeds of Brightness: Poetic Memory in James Joyce's Ulysses"
Dissertation Advisor: Mark Scroggins

 College of Business

Lee Jarvis
"Moving Mountains: Animal Rights Organizations, Emotion, and Autodidactic Frame Alignment"
Dissertation Advisor: Elizabeth Goodrick

Min Liu
"Economic Consequences of Implementing the Engagement Partner Signature Requirement in the UK"
Dissertation Advisor: Mark Kohlbeck

Jason Lortie
"Imprinting Effects of Founding Conditions, Structure, and Capabilities on Social and Financial Organizational Outcome Satisfaction"
Dissertation Advisor: Gary Castrogiovanni

College of Education

Matias Arellano
"Managed Discourse: Legitimizing Principal Identity and Agency"
Dissertation Advisor: Meridith L. Mountford

Ducarmel Augustin
"An Examination of Academic Performance of Haitian-Creole and Spanish Speaking English Language Learners Based on the Number of Years in the English Language Learners Program"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski

Courtney  Beers
"Early Childhood Preservice Teachers' Knowledge of Children's Cognitive Development and Developmentally Appropriate Pedagogical Practices: Understanding the Role of Clinical Experiences"
Dissertation Advisor: Yash Bhagwanji

Allison Berger
"Going On the Grid: Secondary Teachers' Implementation of Mobile Handheld Devices as Instructional Tools"
Dissertation Advisor: Roberta K. Weber

Wade Berstler
"Historians of the 19th Century Baseball: Exploring Their Experiences Regarding Their Avocation"
Dissertation Advisor: Valerie Bryan

Andrew Binder 
"Fostering Creativity Using Special Library Collections: A Case Study of the Arthur & Mata Jaffe Center for the Book Arts"
Dissertation Advisor: Roberta K. Weber

Kristin Brittain
"Self-Directed Learning and the Lupus Patient: Using Adult Education Strategies to Actively Cope with Chronic Illness"
Dissertation Advisor: Valerie Bryan

Einav Cabrera
"The Quest for Charter School Enrollment: Reported Innovations and Student Achievement"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski

Sheresa Fairclough
"The Effects of the Student Success Skills Program on the Behavioral and Cognitive Engagement of Grade"
Dissertation Advisor: Elizabeth Villares

Deborah Ferris
"Missed Opportunities and Connections in Teacher Learning"
Dissertation Advisors: Emory Hyslop-Margison and Roberta Weber

Eva Frank
"Simulation for a Continuing Professioanl Education Course: Examining the Learning Gains and Perceptions of Athletic Trainers"
Dissertation Advisor: Roberta K. Weber

Clifford Mack
"Grade 5 African American Student Self Regulation, Test Anxiety and School Attendance"
Dissertation Advisor: Greg Brigman

Christine Rodriguez
"Teacher Expertise In Motion: A Theory of the Synergistic Gears That Shape and Sustain Teacher Expertise"
Dissertation Advisor: Emory Hyslop-Margison

Jared Svendsen
"Meta-Theory Orientation: A Study of Context, Pressure, and Awareness As They Relate to Teacher Education"
Dissertation Advisors: Ira Bogotch and Dilys Schoorman

Kathryn Wolfe
"Aspiring to A Higher Education: Students' Perception of Christian Campus Culture At Selected Christian Universities and Colleges"
Dissertation Advisor: Roberta K. Weber

  College of Engineering and Computer Science

Ivan Bertaska
"Intelligent Supervisory Switching Control of Unmanned Surface Vehicles"
Dissertation Advisor: Karl von Ellenrieder


Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Rose Cirilo
"Cultural Tailoring A Substance Use Intervention Among Southeastern Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Youth"
Dissertation Advisor: John Lowe

Melessa Kelley
"Native American Early Adolescents Response to A Cultural-Based Prevention for Obesity"
Dissertation Advisor: John Lowe

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Brittanney Amento
"Quantum Circuits for Cryptanalysis"
Dissertation Advisor: Rainer Steinwandt

Christopher Aults
"Demonstration Motivation Encourages Aggressive Reactions to Peer Rejection and Victimization"
Dissertation Advisor: David G. Perry

Gabrielle Barbarite
"The Occurance of Vibrio Vulnificus, V. Parahaemolyticus and V. Cholerae in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, with Implications for Human Health"
Dissertation Advisor: Peter J. McCarthy

Shrija Dirghangi
"On the Importance fo Being Fun: Over Time Associations Between Perceptions of Fun and Changes in Peer Preference and Popularity"
Dissertation Advisor: Brett Laursen

William Hahn 
"Sparse Coding and Compressed Sensing: Locally Competitive Algorithms and Random Projections"
Dissertation Advisor: Elan Barenholtz

Andrew Hall 
"Natural Product Studies of Marine Organisms from the Western Atlantic Ocean"
Dissertation Advisor: Lyndon West

Amy Hartl
"A Longitudinal Latent Profile Analysis of Adolescent Popularity: A Test of the Bistrategic Hypothesis"
Dissertation Advisor: Brett Laursen

Dinesh Kasti
"An Algorithmic Approach to the Lattice Structures of Attractions and Lyapunov Functions "
Dissertation Advisor: William Kalies

Bal Khadka
"Techniques in Lattice Basis Reduction"
Dissertation Advisor: Spyros S. Magliveras 

Suraj Khanal
"Improving the Mechanical Properties of Nano-Hydroxyapatite"
Dissertation Advisor: Theodora Leventouri

Jessica Klassen
"Wading Bird Prey Production and Prey Selection In A Dynamic Wetland"
Dissertation Advisor: Dale E. Gawlik

Lauren Mavica
"Informational Aspects of Audiovisual Identity Matching"
Dissertation Advisor: Elan Barenholtz

Andres Paz
"The Assessment of Inhibitory Subcomponents In Relation to Young Adult Binge Drinking"
Dissertation Advisor: Monica Rosselli

Derrick Schlangen
"Peripheral Object Recognition in Naturalistic Scenes"
Dissertation Advisor: Elan Barenholtz

Donna Selch
"Salinity Assessment, Change, and Impact on Plant Stress/Canopy Water Content (CWC) in Florida Bay Using Remote Sensing and GIS"
Dissertation Advisor: Caiyun Zhang

Felicia Survis
"Beyond Water Restrictions: Informing Effective Lawn Watering Behavior"
Dissertation Advisor: Tara L. Root

Kathryn Tiling
"The Role of Disturbance in the Genotypic and Morphological Diversity of Halodule Wrightii"
Dissertation Advisor: C. Edward Proffitt

April Watson
"Neolocalism and Activating the Urban Landscape: Economics, Social Networks and Creation of Place"
Dissertation Advisor: Maria Fadiman

Alexander Wong
"Daily Feedback of Self-Concept Clarity and Grit"
Dissertation Advisor: Robin Vallacher

 College for Design and Social Inquiry

Salvatore D'Angelo
"An Inquiry Into Fire Service Consolidation and the Economies of Scale Debate: The Centralization Versus Decentralization Argument"
Dissertation Advisor: Khi V. Thai

Tam Mai
"Human Trafficking as A Brand Within the Framework of Human Rights: Case Studies in the U.S."
Dissertation Advisor: Arthur Sementelli

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