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Graduate Research: Dissertations Completed

Dissertation Defense Announcements

Summer 2015

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
College of Business
College of Education
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
College for Design and Social Inquiry 


Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Issac Carter
"The Discourse of the Divine: Radical Traditions of Black Feminism, Musicking, and Myth within the Black Public Sphere (Civil Rights to the Present)"
Dissertation Advisor: Derrick White

Peter Cava
"'Science Fiction Girlfriends': Transgender Politics and US Science Fiction Television, 1990–Present"
Dissertation Advisor: Christine Scodari


 College of Business

David Caban
"Agency Costs and Accounting Quality Within an All-Equity Setting:  The Role of Free Cash Flows and Growth Opportunities"
Dissertation Advisor: Mark Kohlbeck

Garrett Smith 
"Corporate Diversification:  Organization Capital, Organic Growth, and Long-Term Performance"
Dissertation Advisor: Luis Garcia-Feijoo

Nikanor Volkov
"Strategic Information Disclosure When There Is Fundamental Disagreement: An Empirical Investigation"
Dissertation Advisor: Anna Agapova


College of Education


Jill East
"Writing, Elementary Teachers, and English Language Learners: A Case Study of Teacher Reported Pedagogical Knowledge and Collaborative Inquiry in a Title 1 School"
Dissertation Advisor: Gail Burnaford

Karen Fay
"An Analysis of the Leadership Competencies of Specialized Nonprofit Management Degree Programs"
Dissertation Advisor: Valerie C. Bryan

Michael Kane
"The Effect of Student Participation in Student Success Skills on the Academic Behaviors and Key Learning Skills and Techniques Associated with College-Career Readiness"
Dissertation Advisor: Greg Brigman

Christina Ladd
"The Effect of Case Conceptualization Training on Counselor Competence and the Influence of Self-Efficacy"
Dissertation Advisor: Len Sperry

Teeranai Ovathanasin
"Perceived Job Satisfaction of Resident Assistants in Student Housing at Three Florida Public Universities"
Dissertation Advisor: Deborah L. Floyd and John D. Morris

Kalisha Waldon
"Black Adolescents' Critical Encounters with Media and the Counteracting Possibilities of Critical Media Literacy"
Dissertation Advisor: Dilys Schoorman 



  College of Engineering and Computer Science

Armando Jose Sinisterra
"Stereo Vision-Based Target Tracking Sytem for USV Operations"
Dissertation Advisor: Manhar Dhanak



Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Lindsay Bruce
"Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase (Msr) Modulates Lifespan and Locomotion in Drosophila Melanogaster"
Dissertation Advisor: David Binninger

Karin Machluf
"The Behavioral, Emotional, and Attentional Effects of Human Baby Schema"
Dissertation Advisor: David Binninger

Patrick Sellers
"Keeping an Eye on Cheaters: Cognitive and Social Determinantes of Successful Deontic Reasoning in Preschool Children"
Dissertation Advisor: David F. Bjorklund

Madhav Sharma
"Maximally Prüfer Rings"
Dissertation Advisor: Lee Klingler

Krishna Thapa Magar
"Low Rank Transitive Representations, Primitive Extensions and the Collision Problem in PSL(2,q)"
Dissertation Advisor: Spyros S. Magliveras


College for Design and Social Inquiry

David Black
"School Choice and Florida's McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities: An Analysis of Parental Satisfaction"
Dissertation Advisor: Alka Sapat

Schnequa Diggs
"An Empirical Analysis of Factors Influencing Organizational Cultural Competence within Emergency Medical Services Systems"
Dissertation Advisor: Khi V. Thai  

Mariana O'Brien
"Epistemology and Networked Governance: An Actor-Network Approach to Network Governance"
Dissertation Advisor: Hugh T. Miller 

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