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Graduate Research: Dissertations Completed

Dissertation Defense Announcements

Spring 2016

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
College of Business
College of Education
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing    
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science


          Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Michael Gold
"A White headian Interpretation of the Zoharic Creation Story"
Dissertation Advisor: Marina P. Banchett

  College of Business

 Kevin Cox 
"Entrepreneurial Alertness, Metacognition, and Opportunity Identification"
Dissertation Advisor:Gary Castrogiovanni

College of Education

Anelle Alfred
"The  Impact of Shifting Funding Levels on the Institutional Effectiveness of Historically Black Colleges and Universities"
Dissertation Advisor: Dianne A. Wright

Laura Cohen 
"The Impact of Ready to Learn, A School Counselor-led Intervention, on Pro-Social Skills and Reading Skills of First Grade Students"
 Dissertation Advisor:  Greg Brigman

Audrita Drayton 
"A Case Study of Reported Use of Metacognitive Reading Strategies by Postsecondary Instructors of Developmental Reading Courses With Struggling Adult Readers to Increase Comprehension"
Dissertation Advisor: Traci P. Baxley

Keith Feit 
"Improving School Performance: Leader Autonomy and Entrepreneurial Orientation"
 Dissertation Advisor: John R. Pisapia

Michael Francis  
"Investigating Approaches to Media Literacy: An Analysis of Media Literacy Organizations"
Dissertation Advisor: Emery Hyslop-Margison

Jamonique Harrison (Holt) 
"Predicting Graduation Rates at Non-Residential Research Universities"
Dissertation Advisor:  Deborah L. Floyd and Frankie Santos Laanan

Joaquin Martinez
"How Student Voices in a Teacher Education Program Can Inform One Institution's Efforts to Increase Degree Completion Rates"
Dissertation Advisor: Deborah L. Floyd and Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski

Miguel Montanez-Martinez
"Multiple Measures As A Placement In Mathematics At Florida State Colleges"
Dissertation Advisor: Deborah L. Floyd and John  D. Morris Kerri

Kerri E. Morse (Parmelee) 
"Enhancing Independent Task Performance Of Individuals With Developmental Disabilities Through The Use Of An Ipad Application"
Dissertation Advisor: Charles Duke

Maria Eugenia Osorio  
"An Assessment of Leadership Practice In High Schools: Improving Graduation Rates"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski and Ira Bogotch

Karen S. Walter 
"High-Perfomring Science Students' Preparation For Collegiate Science Courses"
Dissertation Advisor: Roberta K. Weber

  College of Engineering and Computer Science

Lina Altoaimy
"Reliable Vehicle-to-Vehicle Weighted Localization in Vehicular Networks"
Dissertation Advisor: Imad Mahgoub

Wilmer Arellano   
"An Ant Inspired Dynamic Traffic Assignment for VANETs: Early Notification of Traffic Congestion and Traffic Incidents"
Dissertation Advisor: Imad Mahgoub

Alireza Fazelpour  
"Ensemble Learning Algorithms for the Analysis of Bioinformatics Data"
Dissertation Advisor: Taghi M. Khosgoftaar

Huajin Qu  
"Wind Feedforward Control of a USV" 
Dissertation Advisor: Karl von Ellenrieder

Seyed Morteza Sabet   
"Effects of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Dispersion And Interface Condition on Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of CNT-Reinforced Vinyl Ester"
Dissertation Advisor: Hassan Mahfuz

Edoardo Sarda   
"Automated Launch and Recovery of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle from an Unmanned Surface Vessel"
Dissertation Advisor: Manhar Dhanak

 Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing      

Laurie Curnan  
"Avatar Guided Stories of Ease From Adolescents with Cancer"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Liehr

Janet Sopcheck  
"Health Challenges of Family Members in End of Life Situations"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Liehr        

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Pramod Acharya  
"Charge Regulation of a Surface Immersed In An Electrolyte Solution" 
Dissertation Advisor: Andy W.C. Lau

Nicholas Brown  
"Factors Related to the Experience of Situations: Time of Day, Gender, and Employment Status" 
Dissertation Advisor: Ryne A. Sherman

Daniel Chauss 
"Developmental and Protective Mechanisms of the Ocular Lens" 
Dissertation Advisor: Marc Kantorow

Sarah Cohen  
"Of Mice, Men and Memories: The Role of the Rodent Hippocampus in Object Recognition" 
Dissertation Advisor: Robert W. Stackman, Jr.

Brati Das  
"Molecular Mechanisms of CaV2.1 Expression and Functional Organization at the Presynaptic Terminal" 
Dissertation Advisor: Samuel M. Young Jr.

Marcus L. Fontaine   
"Nonlinear Phenomena From a Reinjected Horseshoe" 
Dissertation Advisor: William D. Kalies and Vincent Naudot

Cody Hiatt  
 "Sources of Popularity: Aggressive and Prosocial Strategists and the Adolescents Who Affiliate With Them" 
Dissertation Advisor: Brett Laursen

Timothy Meehan 
 "Large-Scale Cortical Functional Connectivity Underlying Visuospatial Attention" 
Dissertation Advisor: Steven Bressler

Katherine Peach 
 "Elevated PCO2 Effects On The Macroalgal Genus Halimeda: Potential Roles of Photophysiology and Morphology" 
Dissertation Advisor: Marguerite Koch

Vermont C. Rutherfoord  
"Negligible Variation, Change of Variables, and A Smooth Analog Of The Hobby-Rice Theorem" 
Dissertation Advisor: Yoram Sagher

David Serfass   
"Assessing Situations on Social Media: Temporal, Demographic, and Personality Influences on Situation Experience" 
Dissertation Advisor: Ryne A. Sherman and Andrzej Nowak

Haiyin Zou   
"Thermondynamic Origins of Selectivity in the Interactions of N-TIMP Variants and MMP Catalytic Domains" 
Dissertation Advisor: Keith Brew

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