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Graduate Research: Dissertations Completed

Dissertation Defense Announcements

Spring 2015

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
College of Business
College of Education
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science


Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Jeffrey Kleeger
"Eminent Domain as Enclosure Movement: The Privatization of Law under Neoliberalism"
Dissertation Advisor: Farshad A. Araghi

Inbal Mazar
"Birth Across Borders: A Comparative Study of Guatemalan-Maya Maternal Care in San Miguel Acatán and Palm Beach County"
Dissertation Advisor: Mary M. Cameron

Yasmin Salem
"Transnational Islamists and Political Moderation: A Comparative Analysis of  Egypt and Morocco"
Dissertation Advisor:  

  College of Business

Nan Golden
"The Effect of Shareholder Rights and Information Asymmetry on Option-Related Repurchase Activity"
Dissertation Advisor: Mark Kohlbeck

Maria Paulina Kassawat
"Big 4 Global Networks: Degree of Homogeneity of Audit Quality among Affiliates and Relevance of PCAOB Inspections"
Dissertation Advisor: Julia Higgs

College of Education

Lauren Adamo
"The Influence of University Student Leader’s Cognitive and Behavioral Agility on Organizational Member Commitment"
Dissertation Advisor: John Pisapia

Jessica Cadette
"The Effectiveness of Direct Instruction in Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders to Answer "Wh-" Questions"
Dissertation Advisor: Cynthia L. Wilson

Jenny Chien
"The Relationship of Perceived Stress, Religious Coping Styles, and Mental Health Symptoms in University Students"
Dissertation Advisor: Len Sperry

Karen Cook
"Understanding How National Board Certified Secondary Mathematics Teachers Integrate Academic and Social Knowledge of Students into Their Practice"
Dissertation Advisor: Gail Burnaford

Elisa Cruz-Torres
"Promoting Daily Living Skills for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders via Parent Delivery of Video Prompting on the iPad"
Dissertation Advisor: Mary Louise Duffy

Rivka A. Felsher
"Policy Entrepreneurship: A Descriptive Portrait of Higher Education Leaders"
Dissertation Advisor: John Pisapia

Edwiygh Franck
"The Analysis of Barriers and Motivators of Early Care and Education English As a Second Language Students Enrolled in a State College Customized ECE ESL Course"
Dissertation Advisor: Valerie C. Bryan

Faith Gordon
"Transformational Learning and Self-Efficacy: An Investigation Into Their Role in Prophylactic Mastectomy"
Dissertation Advisor: Valerie Bryan

Rebecca Hamilton
"Multicultural Education and High School English Teachers: A Teacher Awareness Study"
Dissertation Advisor: Roberta K. Weber 

Toby Honsberger
"Teaching Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder Safe Pedestrian Skills Using Video Modeling With In Situ Video Prompting"
Dissertation Advisor: Cynthia L. Wilson

Terry Mena
"A Few of Us (Algunos de Nosotros): A Multiple Case Study Using Critical Race Theory to Examine Lived Experiences of Latino/a Senior Student Affairs Officers at Selected Public and Private Two- and Four-Year Colleges and Universities"
Dissertation Advisor: Dianne A. Wright

Barbara June Rodriguez
"An Examination of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges’ Quality Enhancement Plans at Two Institutions Through the Lens of Quality Improvement"
Dissertation Advisor: Deborah L. Floyd and Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski

Carolyn Siniscalchi Bogaski
"A Private School Leadership Perspective on Highly Qualified Middle School Science Teachers"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski

Kyla Williams 
"A Critical Analysis of First Generation Black Male College Students' Perceptions of Their Preparation for College Level Mathematics"
Dissertation Advisor: Dilys Schoorman


  College of Engineering and Computer Science

Ahmad Abu Shanab
"Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms on Bioinformatics Data of Varying Quality"
Dissertation Advisor: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar

Clyde Carryl
"Universal Physical Access Control System (UPACS)"
Dissertation Advisor: Bassem Alhalabi

David Dittman
"Machine Learning Techniques for Alleviating Inherent Difficulties in Bioinformatics Data"
Dissertation Advisor: Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar

Phillip Duerr
"Investigation of Marine Waterjet Inlets During Turning Maneuvers"
Dissertation Advisor: Karl von Ellenrieder

Samar Kaddouri
"Underwater Acoustic Channel Estimation using Multiple Sources and Receivers in Shallow Waters at Very-High Frequencies"
Dissertation Advisor: Pierre-Philippe Beaujean

Amalya Mihnea
"Channel Assignment in Multi-Radio Networks"
Dissertation Advisor: Mihaela Cardei   

Aziz Ulhaq Noori
"Studies on Performance Aspects of Smart Wireless Devices and Related Network Services"
Dissertation Advisor: Perambur S. Neelakanta and Shihong Huang

Nishantha Randunu Pathirannehelage
"Imaging Through Ground-Level Turbulence by Fourier Telescopy: Simulations and Preliminary Experiments"
Dissertation Advisor: William T. Rhodes

Violeta Skoro Kaskarovska
"Combined Spatial Diversity and Time Equalization for Broadband Multiple Channel Underwater Acoustic Communications"
Dissertation Advisor: Pierre-Philippe Beaujean


Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Karen A. Grimley 
"Idenifying Descriptions of Quality Nursing Care Shared by Nurse and Patient in the Acute Care Hospital Environment"
Dissertation Advisor: Ruth Tappen

Susan Ladd
"Zafè Neg Se Mistè: A Grounded Theory Study of End-of-Life Decision-Making for Haitian American Families in South Florida"
Dissertation Advisor: Marlaine Smith

Jacqueline Marshall
"Effect of a Spiritually-Guided Intervention on Breast Self-Care Attitudes in Afro-Carribean Women"
Dissertation Advisor: Shirley C. Gordon

Mary Ellen Wright
"Sources of Infant Care Informational Social Support for Mothers of Infants in the Appalachian Region"
Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Liehr 

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Samantha Friedman
"Raman and Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of G-Quadruplexes"
Dissertation Advisor: Andrew Terentis 

Martha Hubertz
"Pluralistic Ignorance and Explicit Attitudes on Academic Cheating in College Students and Faculty"
Dissertation Advisor: David Bjorklund and Thomas Monson

Ashley Richmond
"Academic Task Avoidance and Achievement as Predictors of Peer Status during the Early Primary School Years"
Dissertation Advisor: Brett Laursen

Maria Rodriguez 
"Cell-Surface Glycan-Lectin Interactions for Biomedical Applications"
Dissertation Advisor: Salvatore D. Lepore  

Yang Yang 
"Stability Analysis for Singularly Perturbed Systems with Time-Delays"
Dissertation Advisor: Yuan Wang

Joy Young 
"Effects of Parasitism on the Reproduction of Common Snook"
Dissertation Advisor: Colin Hughes


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