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Graduate Student Services and Benefits (Student Fees)

Download the Graduate Tuition and Fees brochure here. Visit the Tuition and Fees Breakdown webpage.


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Activity and Service


 $12.32   $12.32  Per Credit Hour

Funds from student activities and service fees are provided to support student government operations and student activities such as clubs and organizations. Graduate Students have access to free events hosted by the Graduate and Professional Student Organization (GPSA) each semester.

Additionally, Campus Recreation facilities, services and programs are available to all FAU students during the semester for which they are registered. Facility access is granted 10 days before the first day of class each semester. Access continues until the day before classes begin the following semester. Students qualify for this access by paying the required activity and service fees as part of their tuition.


fau.edu/ campusrec/

Athletic Fee  $17.27  $17.27 Per Credit Hour

Funds from the athletic fees support the University's athletic programs. Graduate students receive access to free tickets to sporting events.

All currently enrolled FAU students are eligible for one (1) free ticket to each home football game. Additionally, students can purchase up to two (2) Student Guest tickets for family and friends to sit in the student section at a reduced rate of $10 per ticket.



Improvement Fee

 $6.76  $6.76 Per Credit Hour Funds from the Capital Improvement Fee support the improvement of student related facilities only.

For example, this fund currently supports the renovation of FAU's Student Union and Breezeway.


Financial Aid Fee  $15.18   $46.37 Per Credit Hour

Student Financial Aid budget largely represents scholarship and loan funds that are received by the University and subsequently disbursed to students.  Included in the budget are funding from student financial aid fees.

Graduate students have access to a dedicated financial aid advisor who can provide information on financial aid options and support.

Graduate Orientation Fee $35.00 $35.00  One-time Fee

All newly admitted graduate students are assessed a one-time, non-refundable orientation fee.  The fee is utilized to provide orientation sessions to foster a smooth transition into graduate studies.

The orientation sessions are used to communicate important graduate policies and procedures, provide access to university resources for students, and overview of what to expect as a graduate student, and the opportunity to connect with other FAU graduate students.

Health Fee $9.42 $9.42  Per Credit Hour

Eligibility for care at Student Health Services (SHS) is based on the student’s registration and payment of tuition, which includes the mandatory per credit hour Student Health Fee for the semester.

All students enrolled in classes and who have paid the health fee are eligible for services at a free or discounted rate.

Technology Fee $5.16 $5.16  Per Credit Hour

All FAU constituents, (i.e., students, student organizations, faculty, colleges, departments, partner campuses, administrative staff and departments, as well as the Office of Information Technology) may apply for revenues generated from the Technology Fee through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process which includes a comprehensive review by the Technology Fee Oversight Committee of each submission.

Graduate students can serve as representatives on the Technology Fee Committee.

Transportation Access Fee $76.90 (Fall/Spring) and $32.04 (Summer) $76.90 (Fall/Spring) and $32.04 (Summer) Yearly fee
Fall/Spring $76.90 and Summer $32.04

All students including those using other types of transportation are assessed a transportation access fee at the time of registration to be paid along with their tuition. 

This fee supports the University's transportation infrastructure and increases student access to transportation services. Upon payment of this fee, a parking decal will be issued to each registered student.

 Last Modified 2/26/18