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Judging Criteria

All grants will be judged by a panel of faculty, staff and students who will evaluate the merit of the proposal based on an evaluation rubric:

  1. Strength of Proposal- Proposals must be clear, concise, and understandable for reviewers from varying disciplines (broad backgrounds). Strong proposals should also meet the following criteria:
    • Clear focus on research question or scholarly problem addressed in this study: The grant explicitly states what the project will accomplish. There is a clear central idea, hypothesis, or objective.
    • If a group project is selected, each group member must have a clear role/task supporting the overall research question(s).
    • Background theory: provides an evaluation of previous work conducted in the area related to the question or the problem.
    • Sound methodology: Methodology clearly conveys the steps that will achieve the purpose of this project and how data/information will be obtained.
    • Contribution to the field or discussion of potential impact: There is an explanation of the importance of the proposed project, “in the big scheme of things” the value of the project’ impact
    • The project’s contribution of an original, intellectual, or creative work to the discipline

  2. Timeline/Plan of Work- The student outlines the time necessary to complete the project successfully. It is justified that the project can be reasonably completed in that time (including allocating time for research compliance requirements), and that the student will present at FAU Graduate and Professional Research Day.

  3. Appropriateness of Budget - The requested budget is justified and necessary for the completion of the project. The budget provides detail associated with what will be purchased (item and quantity) and an explanation of the needs evidenced by the methodology section, as well as detail on where and how the funds will be spent.

  4. Faculty Mentor’s Letter - The mentor endorses the project and the merit of the student conducting the project, and assures the reviewers that no other funds exist for parts/all of the project. The mentor provides appropriate research compliance information as it applies to this project.

 Last Modified 11/8/16