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Grant Expenditures

Grant funds must be applied to tangible research expenditures. Applicants should discuss research needs with their faculty mentor before submission of their proposed budget. Any purchases, such as equipment and remaining supplies, must remain at FAU after the project is completed as property of the mentor’s department.

Examples of allowable:

  • Costs for laboratory, artistic supplies, software and databases, and small equipment that are not readily available in your area/department/college.
  • Travel to offsite locations to conduct research, such as archives, libraries, companies, museums, or collections containing materials relating to the research topic.
  • Photocopying of research-related materials or purchase of books not otherwise available at or through the University Library.
  • Program fee costs associated with a research-intensive study abroad program to include materials and supplies needed to conduct the research abroad.

Examples of non-allowable expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Costs associated with attendance or presentations at professional meetings.
  • Stipends, living expenses, tuition or laboratory fees of the grant recipient.
  • Research costs normally associated with department/college budgets (e.g., computers or laptops for use at FAU).
  • Costs associated with the external funding of the student’s faculty advisor for research in the same general area.
  • The hiring of assistants or other external services.
  • Lessons or costs associated with professional development.
 Last Modified 11/8/16