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Spring 2015 GRIP Grant Recipients

The GRIP Grant pilot program received a resounding response from graduate students. Following the close of the application deadline on March 20, GRIP received 115 applications, totaling over $174,000 in requested funds. After a final review, the GRIP steering committee selected 42 applicants, representing eight colleges across FAU, including two team projects, to receive over $64,000 in funding.

The Graduate College is pleased to announce that this program has been a great success. Of those awarded, 32 are in doctoral programs, while 10 are pursuing master’s degrees. GRIP Grant is helping to fund a range of projects, including: breast cancer and heart failure research, point-of-care setting Ebolavirus detection, as well as studies on food-access to women in Broward County, and African American leaders in the field of science overcoming obstacles.

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Arely Baugh - individual research project
Are Women Moving? Food Insecurity, Obesity, and Women’s Food-Access Strategies in Broward County Florida’s Food Deserts

Candy Hurtado - individual research project
Exploratory Dissertation Research: The Subaltern Speaks, the Music and Dance of the Mantaro Valley

Elizabeth Tapanes - individual research project
Coat Color Variation Within and Between Red-tailed Monkeys (c. ascanius), Blue Monkeys (c. mitis), and Hybrids (c. ascanius x c. mitis)

College of Business

Gina Brynildsen - individual research project
Customer Engagement, Advocacy, and Firm Performance

Irina Toteva - individual research project
Large Choice Sets and Decision Making: Are Consumers Choosing Preference-Inconsistent Potential Partners in Online Dating?

College for Design and Social Inquiry

Sulochan Malla, Ripu Kunwar, and Talasi Acharya - interdisciplinary team project
On the Question of Institutionalization: An Appraisal on the Lifeworlds of the Indigenous Resources of the Far Western Nepal

College of Education

Noelle  Balsamo - individual research project
Project FIND-Females In Need of Diagnosis

Arun Maharaj - individual research project
A Comparison Between Chronic Excessive Endurance Versus High Intensity Interval Exercise and its Effect on Cardiac Muscle in Cyprinus Carpio

Waweise Schmidt - individual research project
African-American Leaders in the Field of Science: A Template for Overcoming Obstacles

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Chad Coarsey - individual research project
Development of Automated Microfluidic Platforms for Ebolavirus Detection at Point-of-Care Settings

Amirkhosro Kazemi - individual research project
Fluid Dynamics and Hydrodynamic Characterization of Engineered-mangrove Wave Damping System

Maohua Lin and Karl BoSchreiber - interdisciplinary team project
Design of Coaxial Nozzle and Fabricate a Cellular Porous Collagen/Calcium-alginate Hydrogel Scaffolds by 3D Bioprinter

Yanjun Li - individual research project
Fluid Structure Interaction and Morphing Ocean Structure Deployment

Spencer Waganaar - individual research project
Effect of Median Grain Size Ratio on the Liquefaction Potential of Binary Granular Fills During Earthquakes

Richard Zuech - individual research project
Generating Cybersecurity Data Sets

Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

Ramon Garcia-Areas - individual research project
Delineating the Novel Role of Hypoxia-induced Semaphorin7A in Breast Cancer

Jared Lybbert - individual research project
Mechanisms of Placental Dysfunction in Pregnancy Malaria

Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Melessa Kelley - individual research project
Native American Early Adolescents Response to a Cultural-Based Talking Circle Prevention Intervention for Obesity

Mary Ann Leavitt - individual research project
The Heart Failure Nurse Navigator: Reducing Within 30-day Hospital Readmissions

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Donella Beckwith - individual research project
Exploring the Functional Role of TN Glycan of Cancer Associated MUC1 in Breast Cancer Metastasis

Chelsea Bennice - individual research project
Niche Partitioning by the Common Octopus (octopus vulgaris) and the Mimic Octopus (macrotritopus defilippi) in a Tropical Sandy Habitat in Florida

Troy Bernier - individual research project
Can Water Vapor Isotopes be Used to Partition Evapotranspiration in South Florida? Development and Testing of Methods for Using Water Isotopes to Quantify Evaporation and Transpiration in South Florida

Beth Brady - individual research project
Categorization and Vocal Characteristics of the Florida Manatee

Christina Coppenrath - individual research project
Early life history characteristics of hawksbill sea turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) in the Wider Caribbean

Karim Dawkins - individual research project
Microbial Aspects of Plant Invasion: An Analysis of Soil Microbial Communities Associated with the Invasive Plant –Schinus Terebinthifolius (Brazilian Peppertree) Across Southeastern Florida

Shrija Dirghangi - individual research project
School Experiences in Childhood and Adolescence

Jacob Dombrowski - individual research project
Effects of Fire on Ridge-slough Patterning in the Central Everglades

Alana Edwards - individual research project
Scale-Dependent Factors that Determine Habitat Suitability for Bartram’s Scrub Hairstreak Populations: Implications for Management and Restoration

Timothy Foo - individual research project
Study of Tryptophan Analogs as Mechanistic Probes of Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase Reactivity

Daniel Lacombe - individual research project
Using GPGPU to Implement Deep Neural Networks on Eye Movement Measures for Task-Decoding and Screening of Clinical Populations

Jacob Lasala - individual research project
Breeding Sex Ratios of Three Imperiled Marine Turtles Nesting in Southern Florida

Alexander Modys - individual research project
Late Holocene Terrestrial Runoff Variability on the Nearshore Southeast Florida Reef Tract: Integrating Physical and Geochemical Records

Kyle Newton - individual research project
Yellow Stingrays (urobatis jamaicensis) can Detect Magnetic Fields but Which Cues Might be Used by Elasmobranchs for Navigation and Orientation

Emir Penserga - individual research project
Illuminating Neuroglian: Generation of a Red-fluorescent Fusion Protein

Melannie Platt - individual research project
Behavioral Expressions of Jealousy Across the First Two Years of Life: Associations with EEG Asymmetry, Cortisol Reactivity and Attachment Security

Jennifer Polinski - individual research project
Characterizing Algal Symbionts From Mesophotic Corals in the Gulf of Mexico

Melissa Reiterer - individual research project
MsrA as an Important Neuroprotective Mechanism in the Anoxia Tolerant Model: Trachemys Scripta Elegans

Danielle Romais - individual research project
Fire Ant and the Endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrow in the Dry Prairies of Central Florida: An Analysis of Habitat Overlap and Impacts of Exotic Species

Shyam Samanta - individual research project
Synthesis of a α,α-disubstituted α-amino Ester in a MCR Fashion and Application Towards Total Synthesis of Fumimycin

Matthew Sirianni - individual research project
Investigating the Effects of Increased Salinity and Temperature on Carbon Gas Dynamics of Subtropical Peat Soils

Michael Studivan - individual research project
Assessment of the OpenROV Platform for Exploration of Mesophotic Coral Reefs and Monitoring of Technical Divers

Ye Sun - individual research project
Visualization of Spinogenesis by Correlative Two-photon and SEM Imaging

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