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Graduate Research: Dissertations Completed

Dissertation Defense Announcements

Fall 2016

College of Business
College of Education
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing    
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
College for Design and Social Inquiry


  College of Business

Ruwan K. Adikaram
"Cognitive Dissonance and Auditor Professional Skepticism"
Dissertation Advisor: Julia Higgs

Oscar J. Harvin
"Do "Superstar" CEOs Impair Auditors' Independence and Professional Skepticism?"
Dissertation Advisor: Julia Higgs

Michael N. Killey
"Can Priming a Firm's Organizational Identity Overcome the Influences of National Culture on Auditor Judgment "
Dissertation Advisor: Julia Higgs

 Leigh M. Rosenthal
"Evaluating the Demand for Tax Professionals: Tax Accountants or Tax Attorneys"
Dissertation Advisor: Julia Higgs

Juanita M. Woods
"The Role of Group Affective Tone in Shaping Outcomes of Team-Focused Leadership"
Dissertation Advisor: Ethlyn Williams

College of Education

Nasim Alavi
"Adult Learners' Preferred Methods of Learning Preventative Heart Disease Care"
Dissertation Advisor: Valerie Bryan

Lisa A. Byard
"Was I Ready? The Perceptions of Preparedness of New Student Affairs Professionals Who Served as Graduate Assistants"
Dissertation Advisor: Frankie Laanan

Robert R. Freund
"Assessing Processes of Connection and Development in Observations of the Therapeutic Relationship"
Dissertation Advisor: Paul Peluso

Dominic J. Grasso
"Elementary School Teachers' Perceptions Regarding the Inclusion of LGBTQ Themed Literature"
Dissertation Advisor: Tracy Baxley

David A. Mann
"Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Educate Emerging Bilingual Students: A Textual Analysis of Teacher Education Curriculum in Elementary-Level Language Arts Methods Textbooks"
Dissertation Advisor: Dilys Schoorman

Christopher L. Mimbs
"Here, Let Me Show You: The Use of Senior Exhibitions in Conjunction with Traditional Assessments"
Dissertation Advisor: Roberta K. Weber

Paul-Arthur Pierre-Louis
"Exploring the College Choice and Sense of Belonging of Haitian Students at a Highly Selective HBCU"
Dissertation Advisor: Frankie Laanan

Rina B. Pomerantz
"The Relationship Between the Self-Efficacy of Monolingual and Bilingual Undergraduate College Students and Their Academic Achievement in Science and Math"
Dissertation Advisor: Valerie Bryan

Christina L. Seamster
"Approaching Authentic Assessment: Using Virtual School Teachers' Expertise to Develop an Understanding of Full Time K-8 Virtual School Teacher Practices"
Dissertation Advisor: Roberta Weber

George Stoupas
"The Effects of Case Conceptualization Training Over Time and Its Relationship to Practitioner Attitudes Towards Evidence-Based Practice"
Dissertation Advisor: Len Sperry

Mario J. Toussaint
"The Impact of "Real World" Experiences through Academic Service Learning on Students' Success Rate, Attitudes, and Motivation in Intermediate Algebra at a Public University"
Dissertation Advisor: Joseph Furner

Michael P. Warkentien
"Teachers as Strategic Classroom Leaders: The Relationship of Their Cognitive and Behavioral Agility to Student Outcomes and Performance Evaluations"
Dissertation Advisor: John Pisapia

  College of Engineering and Computer Science

Sajjad Abazari Aghdam
"Adaptive Antenna Array Beamforming and Power Management with Antenna Element Selection"
Dissertation Advisor: Johathan Bagby

 Jose L. Hurtado
"Text Mining and Topic Modeling for Social and Medical Decision Support"
Dissertation Advisor: Xingquan Zhu

Bo Li
"Dynamics and Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with Internal Actuators"
Dissertation Advisor: Tsung-Chow Su

Yanjun Li
"Design and Deployment Analysis of Morphing Ocean Structure"
Dissertation Advisor: Tsung-Chow Su

Parakram Pyakurel
"Numerical Simulation of an Ocean Current Turbine Operating in a Wake Field "
Dissertation Advisor: James VanZwieten and Manhar Dhanak

Yueshi Wu
"Channel Assignment in Cognitive Radio Wireless Networks"
Dissertation Advisor: Mihaela Cardei

Esfandiar Zolghadr
"Context-Based Image Concept Detection and Annotation"
Dissertation Advisor: Borivoje Furht


  Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing   

Susan D. Driscoll
"A Systematic Review and Quantitative Meta-Analysis of the Accuracy of Visual Inspection for Cervical Sacner Screening: Does Provider Type or Training Matter?"
Dissertation Advisor: Rhonda Goodman

Valarie S. Grumme
"Healing Transcendence: Use of Social Media Support Groups by Persons in the Transplant Journey"
Dissertation Advisor: Charlotte Barry     

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Jennifer E. Chastant
"Wading Bird Reproductive and Physiological Responses to Environmental Disturbance in a Managed Lake Ecosystem" 
Dissertation Advisor: Dale E. Gawlik

Patrick J. Cosme
"Study of Cell Penetrating Peptide Uptake and Cancer Cell Discrimination with Raman Spectroscopy and Microscopy"
Dissertation Advisor: Andrew Terentis

Casey M. Curley
"Phantom Study Incorporating a Diode Array into the Treatment Planning System for Patient-Specific Quality Assurance"
Dissertation Advisor: Theodora Leventouri 

Ramon A. Garcia Areas
"Elucidating the Role of Semaphorin 7A in Breast Cancer"
Dissertation Advisor: Vijaya Iragavarapu-Charyulu

Michael R. Hurley
"New Geometric Large Sets"
Dissertation Advisor: Spyros Magliveras

Haiyang Liu
"Studies of Site-Specific Dynamics of Aβ Amyloid Formation and Effect of Macromolecules on Aβ Amyloidogenesis"
Dissertation Advisor: Deguo Du

Brandon N. Lloyd
"Synaptic Rearrangements and the Role of Netrin-Frazzled Signaling in Shaping the Drosophila Giant Fiber Circuit"
Dissertation Advisor: Rodney Murphey

Janet M. Menzie
"Protective Mechanisms of Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor Against Experimental Models of Stroke"
Dissertation Advisor: Jang-Yeng Wu

Craig A. Nordham
"How Interpersonal Coordination Changes the Self: Theory, Experiment, and Adaptive HKB Model of Social Memory"
Dissertation Advisor: J. A. Scott Kelso & Emmanuelle Tognoli

Lucas D. Schipper
"Hey God It's Me: Development and Initial Validation of the Personal Prayer Content Scale"
Dissertation Advisor: Robin Vallacher

  College for Design and Social Inquiry

Stacey L. Beals
"Moving Towards Fairness and Diversity? An Analysis of Perceptions from Employees Working in the United States Department of the Interior"
Dissertation Advisor: Alka Sapat

Lori A. Ford
"Florida University Faculty Compensation: Market Competitive or Not?"
Dissertation Advisor: Clifford McCue

Joseph C. Heilman
"Professional Public Administration: A Synthesis of an Inchoate Concept"
Dissertation Advisor: Arthur Sementelli

Jean M. Pierre
"Determinants of Aid Effectiveness in Agriculture: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Haiti"
Dissertation Advisor: Alka Sapat

Joshua M. Steinfeld
"Task Specialization in the Public Adminsitration Profession: A Job Analysis of Public Procurement Practitioners"
Dissertation Advisor: Cliff McCue


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