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Fall 2015 Graduate College Events and Workshops

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Graduate Student Spotlight

International student, Ramon Garcia-Areas, is one of the top student researchers at FAU. Ramon began his journey with the University as an undergraduate, earning a degree in biology. He’s now a Ph.D. student in the Integrative Biology program, performing breast cancer research. Ramon’s research focuses on understanding new genes that have not yet been studied. Ramon and his advisor, Dr. Vijaya Iragavarapu-Charyulu, established the first partnership with the Lynn Cancer Center at Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

Ramon is also a student leader – not only is he a college representative for the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA), but he was vital in instituting valuable programs such as the Graduate Research and Inquiry Program (GRIP) Grant.

As a student researcher, Ramon saw first-hand the lack of funding for graduate student research. Together with fellow graduate student, and former Director of the GPSA, Aloha Balza, they submitted a proposal for the creation of GRIP to Graduate College Dean, Dr. Deborah Floyd, who advocated for the development of the program. GRIP allows graduate students to apply for funds for scholarly research projects. And according to Ramon, “is a way for FAU to invest in FAU.”

In the News

chad coarsey

Graduate students Charles Weinthal and Chad Coarsey were featured in the Sun Sentinel after developing a prosthetic hand for Chad with a 3-D printer at substantial cost savings compared to professional prosthetic hands. Both Charles and Chad presented the 3-D printed hand in a class on bioengineering, with the project title being, "Let's Give Chad a Hand."

Chad also recently won an award for his research at Graduate and Professional Research Day this spring for his project titled, "Development of Automated Microfluid Platforms for Ebolavirus Detection at Point-of-Care Settings." (Pictured: FAU graduate student, Chad Coarsey).

Graduate College Newsletter

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