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Master's Degree Information

Getting Started as a Graduate Student

Email Communications: Please note your FAU email address is the only email address used by the Graduate College and the University for official communication. It is imperative that students check their FAU email addresses on a regular basis AND confirm there is sufficient space available to receive email. University emails will not be sent to personal email accounts.

FAU Resources for Current Students: This webpage will help you quickly find student specific information on FAU’s website.

FAU Libraries: The following campuses all have libraries: Boca Raton, Davie, Ft. Lauderdale, Harbor Branch, Jupiter and Treasure Coast. The Wimberly library, located on the Boca Raton campus, is the largest and most extensive. There are numerous library resources and programs available to FAU students, many of which may be accessed online: www.fau.edu/library. Be sure to check out the various tutorials, webcasts, and virtual tours offered online ranging from accessing the library services to organizing your research.

The library offers individualized services to graduate students through workshops, research consultations, and class instruction. Check back often to see the latest offerings from our Instructional Services Department: http://bit.ly/nCHv9R. The library has even compiled a Graduate Student Survival Guide: http://libguides.fau.edu/GradStudent-boca.

MyFAU Graduate College Tab: All FAU graduate students have access to the Graduate College tab located on your MyFAU account. The tab contains quick references to important graduate forms, news, and updates from the Graduate College.

New Graduate Student Orientation: The Graduate College provides an orientation session for new graduate students prior to the start of each semester. Graduate students will obtain the most benefit by attending orientation the semester they begin coursework at FAU or in the first year of study. Click here for more information regarding New Graduate Student Orientation.

Academic Advising: All graduate students at Florida Atlantic University are advised by faculty or staff in the student’s home department/degree program. To contact your advisor, look up your program here and contact the person listed in the top right corner.  You will work with your advisor(s) to create and submit a formal Plan of Study to the Graduate College’s Degree Completion office no later than half-way through your required course work. You and your advisor will continue to work together to revise and finalize your Plan of Study prior to the beginning of the term in which you intend to graduate. 

GradTalk:The Graduate College publishes a newsletter each semester for graduate students entitled GradTalk. The newsletter is distributed electronically; Click here to link to past issues. Students are welcome to submit ideas for content to be included in the newsletter; email graduatenews@fau.edu.

Graduate Student Association: The Graduate Student Association (GSA) represents FAU's graduate student population. Simply by being a graduate student, you become a member of this organization. The GSA strives to enrich the graduate student experience by providing academic support, social programming, and networking opportunities. Please visit the GSA's website to learn more about their mission and upcoming events.

Responsible Conduct of Research: Quality graduate education includes the responsible conduct of research (RCR). FAU is committed to promoting RCR and maintaining high standards of ethics and accountability in research activities at the University. Please Click here to learn more about the responsible conduct of research at FAU.

Workshops: The Graduate College offers the following workshops on an ongoing basis. Scheduling information is available on the Graduate College website, calendar and the Graduate College tab on MyFAU. Graduate students also receive advance email invitations to workshops. Previous workshop topics have included:

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)
  • Seminar for International Teaching Assistants (SITA)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
  • Microsoft Word Formatting for Manuscripts
  • Effective Presentations
  • Thesis and Dissertation Writing
  • Writing and Publishing in Academia
  • Producing Scholarly Work
  • Presenting Scholarly Publications

Midway through your Degree Program

Graduate Student Policies: The online University catalog enumerates policies, requirements, and other essential details regarding graduate degree programs at FAU. Graduate students should be familiar with the graduate information contained in the Academic Policies and Regulations and Degree Requirements sections of the catalog. Please note that the online catalog is the official source for this information.

Plan of Study: All degree-seeking graduate students should have an approved Plan of Study on file with the Graduate College no later than half-way through their required course work and before enrolling in thesis credits, if applicable. Students must have an approved Plan of Study on file with the Graduate College prior to the term in which they intend to graduate. All students receive written confirmation when their Plan of Study is approved by the Dean of the Graduate College.

Please note: The latest version of Adobe Reader is required to download and enter information on Graduate College forms. Once you have completed a form, you can save it as a PDF document on your computer. It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer when saving the forms. Click here to download the latest free version of Adobe Reader.

Plan of Study Revisions: As a student progresses through his/her graduate program, it may become necessary to modify an approved Plan of Study. Changes to an approved Plan of Study require the submission and approval of the Form 9 - Revision to Existing Plan of Study. Revisions need only be filed once and may be submitted during the final term the student plans to graduate, prior to the Application for Degree deadline.

Supervisory Committee: Each graduate student preparing a thesis shall have a supervisory committee comprised of at least three members of the graduate faculty or associate graduate faculty. One of the members shall serve as the chair of the supervisory committee. The supervisory committee shall approve the student's plan of study, monitor the student's academic progress, approve the thesis subject, evaluate the thesis defense, and approve the final document. Click on the link below for a complete list of Graduate Faculty:

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines: For students writing a thesis as part of your graduation requirement, please consult the Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines for specific instructions on the preparation, formatting and publication of your thesis, and how to submit your manuscript to the Graduate College.

  • Archived Theses/Dissertations. Click here to search for theses and dissertations completed by FAU graduate students.

Request to Waive a University Regulation: This form is used to request an exception to written University policies regarding graduate studies at FAU. Submit Form 10 - Request to Waive a University Regulation to the Graduate College for approval after obtaining other required signatures.

Approaching Graduation

As you prepare to graduate, there are a number of steps to complete. It is important that you work closely with your advisor and department/school to ensure you have met all requirements to complete your advanced degree. This can include but is not limited to: an approved Plan of Study on file with the Graduate College, completion of a thesis/dissertation/special project, oral or comprehensive examinations, clearance of all incomplete grades, and an application for degree.

Application for Degree: All FAU students must complete an Application for Degree during the semester in which they intend to graduate. This deadline occurs early in the semester; allow adequate time to start the process. The Application for Degree form must be submitted to the Graduate College by the deadline specified in the Academic Calendar . All students must have an approved Plan of Study on file with the Graduate College prior to submission of the Application for Degree form. Note: Meet with your advisor prior to completing the Application for Degree form as some colleges have additional requirements for submitting the Application for Degree.

Commencement: The Office of the Registrar coordinates commencement and their website is your best source for information on commencement. Please visit the Graduation Information section of their website. Additionally, the Graduate College hosts commencement receptions in its lobby each semester to celebrate the success of FAU's graduate students.

Alumni Association: As a member of the Owl family, now is the time to think about joining the Alumni Association . Please visit their website to learn more about the benefits of membership in this organization.

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