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777 Glades Road
SU 80, Room 101
Boca Raton, FL, 33431
(T) 561.297.3624
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Email Communications

Your FAU email address is the only email address used by the Graduate College and the University for official communication. It is imperative that students check their FAU email addresses on a regular basis. University emails will not be sent to personal email accounts.

MyFAU Graduate College Tab

All FAU graduate students have access to the Graduate College tab located on your MyFAU account. The tab contains quick references to important graduate forms, news, and updates from the Graduate College.

Graduate College eNews

eNews is a monthly email newsletter produced by the Graduate College. Students are welcome to submit ideas for content to be included in the newsletter using our eNews submission form.


“Like” the Graduate College at www.facebook.com/FAUGraduateCollege to receive regular updates about events and programming. Graduate Assistantship positions are also posted frequently.

 Last Modified 8/16/18