German Studies

Dr. Trotter Dr. Evelyn Trotter
Ph.D., Germanic Languages, University of California Los Angeles Instructor of German and European Studies

Areas of Expertise
German literature
German culture
European Studies

Email: etrotter@fau.edu

Office Phone: 561-297-1294

Evelyn Trotter is a German native and grew up in the country side of the Baltic Sea. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. She currently teaches German language, literature, culture and European Union with an emphasis on the developing aspects of cultural inte-gration. Her teaching interests include 19th century and 20th century German literature, European Romanticism, theory of lyrical poetry, Translation studies, comparative literature, European Union and cultural studies. Her research covers German literature, culture and cinema, and the culture and society of the EU. In 2009 she received a grant from the EU for her course proposal on a European Film course. She is the faculty advisor of the German Club at FAU and is also in the process of put-ting together a study abroad program for Berlin 2012.


  • Beginning German Language I and II
  • Intermediate German Language and Culture
  • Intermediate German: Readings in German Literature
  • Advanced German: Reading and Writing
  • Reading The German Press
  • German Fairy Tales
  • German in Translation: Kafka etc.
  • German in Translation: Thomas Mann
  • European Union
  • Europe through Film
  • European Romanticism
  • Germany through film and literature
  • Multicultural Germany


Selected recent articles

Book chapter

“Language, stereotypes, and translation.” In G. Ammendola (Ed.) The European Union: Multidis-ciplinary views. Stony Brook, NY: Forum Italicum Publishing. With A. DeCapua. 2008.

Refereed article

“The Role of the Literary Translator in the new Europe and the literary translator as role mod-el” With A. DeCapua. Publication in Journal of Linguistics and the Human Sciences 1.3., 442-462. 2006.


“Mascha Kaléko: Writing and Exile as Terms of Refuge and Reality.” Center for Interdisciplinary Studies Working Papers 3, ed. A. J. Tamburri, D. F.Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL. 2005.

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