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One of the objectives of the Museum's Education Program is to support educators and parents as they strive to apply the Visual Arts to their curriculum. The Museum Education Program in the University Galleries trains FAU students in interactive educational theories and techniques related to teaching/learning in museum environments. Exhibition-specific training is included and put into practice when middle and high school-aged children come to FAU for student-led tours.

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Outreach and related hands-on art activities are also a part of the program. We believe that seeing art in person creates a direct and enhanced experience for your students but sometimes it is not possible to bring your class to us. If that is the case, let us bring our exhibits to you! Trained Museum Education students will visit your class and engage your students in an interactive classroom experience that can be made to tie in with your curriculum.

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Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are intended to help educators enlighten and inspire their students by applying the Visual Arts across the curriculum and have been approved by the School District of Palm Beach County. Museum Education students create and develop these lesson plans and then collaborate with Dr. Susannah Brown, a professor from FAU's College of Education who advises them on the quality and educational merit of each lesson. Please feel free to download these plans which can be found on the bottom of their respective exhibition pages for use in your classroom. To locate our lesson plans, please click on "Exhibitions" to the left and explore our current and past exhibitions to find a lesson/exhibit that interests you or fits your curriculum.


Touring and outreach programs are related to school curriculum and are structured, in part, around Florida Sunshine State Standards. The Museum Education Program is committed to building strong ties with public schools as well as after-school programs to encourage children to experience and learn from the visual arts. Service to at-risk and underserved children is prioritized. The arts build students' self esteem by encouraging self-expression through creativity and are a wonderful tool to teach many subjects.

Please be sure to revisit our website often for additional lesson plans, updates, and educational materials.


See examples of lesson plans, handouts and activites from our Learn Green Conference 2011 

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