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[VISION] The Society will create, develop, and support the most trusted values congruent fraternal organizations. 


[MISSION] To illuminate the central values that guided the historical founding of general fraternities and sororities, and to incorporate these values into the contemporary fraternity and sorority experience. 

The Society is an honorary membership organization for select members of our fraternity/sorority community at Florida Atlantic University. The existence of the Fraternal Values Society on our campus will benefit the f/s community in the following ways:

  • Provide a home and constant force for the advancement of values congruence, alignment, and the continued relevance of fraternities and sororities;
  • Stimulate substantial intellectual development and superior intellectual achievement;
  • Empower individuals who live their lives according to the fraternal rituals;
  • Opportunities for ongoing values-based dialogue and discourse, for outreach, and re-education of others;
  • Assert and promote ethical decision-making skills of all members of fraternal organizations;
  • Influence the structures, programs, and traditions in existence not congruent with our shared fraternal values;
  • Sponsorship of various educational programs throughout the year;
  • Promote conduct consistent with good morals and taste, modeling values congruence;
  • Assistance for individuals and organizations who struggle to reach these standards, and confrontation of individuals and organizations who fail to uphold these values;
  • Public recognition of individuals and organizations who exemplify their organizational and ethical values.

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