Topics include:


1. Non-Approved Chapter 31 Student Guidelines
2. Approved Chapter 31 Student Guidelines
3. Chapter 31 Tutorial Assistance
4. VA Approved Supply Notice


Non-Approved Chapter 31 Student Guidelines

Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Assistance is not an automatic entitlement due to Military Service.  Specific requirements to determine your eligibility are done so through an evaluation with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.  An evaluation will be scheduled if you have a VA combined service-connected disability rating of 10 percent or more. Please contact Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment at 1.800.827.1000 for eligibility determinations.  Please refer to Form 28-1900 for detailed information concerning evaluations, entitlement requirements, and counseling services.  This form may also be accessed via  You  may also contact the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor directly:

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Melanie A. West

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor


Tel: (954) 475-5500 ext. 5560


Veteran Benefits Administration &
Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment

Broward County Outpatient Clinic

9800 West Commercial Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL  33351

Completed Form 28-1900 must be submitted for processing to:

VA Regional Office - P.O. Box 1437 - St. Petersburg, FL,  33731


Approved Chapter 31 Student Guidelines

Step 1:

Once the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor has approved entitlement for Chapter 31 benefits (determined that the service connected disability causes an employment handicap), you will be eligible to apply to Florida Atlantic University and register for classes under the approved program which the counselor has deemed suitable for your aptitude, needs, and abilities.

Step 2:

Upon registering for classes, you must complete the VA Certification Request  Form.  A new VA Certification Request Card must be submitted for each semester that you are registered for classes and wish to receive Chapter 31Benefits.

Step 3:

The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor will provide Florida Atlantic University with Form 28-1905 (Authorization and Certification of Entrance or Reentrance into Rehabilitation and Certification of Status).  The VA Representative will certify your Dates of Attendance, Number of Hours, and Training Time.  You will need a copy of completed form 28-1905 and a copy of your schedule, to submit to the bookstore for supply purchases.  Under Chapter 31, VA directly reimburses the school for tuition, fees, books and supplies.  The veteran also receives a monthly subsistence allowance. 

Step 4:

Report all enrollment changes (i.e. drop/add/withdrawals) via email to the VA Representative and the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.


Chapter 31 Tutorial Assistance

If you are seeking tutorial assistance, please complete Form:  Chapter 31 Tutorial Assistance.  This form must be completed by the Student and the Instructor.  The Instructor must approve your need for tutorial assistance by signing the form.  Also, the Tutor’s Information must be provided on the form.  This completed form must be submitted to the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for verification (Please reference address information above).


VA Approved Supply Notice

One Time Only

- Stapler, staples, holepunch, ruler

- All other supplies including dictionaries, clothing, electronics, thesaurus, back packs, electronic organizers will only be provided with: a copy of the course outline, note from physician or a special permission note from the VA Case manager.

Per Semester
- One pack of #2 pencils or 1 reasonably priced mechanical pencil and one pack of lead

- One pack of pens - individual pens will not be supplied

- One spiral notebook per class not to exceed $6.00

- One package of highlighters and erasers

- One binder per class

- One folder per class

- One small package of computer discs

- One pack of index cards

- One bottle of white-out

- Lab goggles

- Filler paper, typing paper, scantron sheets, blue books, sheet protectors. Students can purchase supplies such as graph paper or art paper if required by departments such as music, engineering or mathematics.  They may purchase anything designated as necessary in class syllabus.


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