FAU Self-Service FAQs

The following FAQs are pertaining to Financial Aid information on FAU Self-Service:
Q: How do I determine if my financial aid file is complete?
A: Log on to MyFAU and click on the Money Matters! tab. 
  Under the Financial Aid channel:
  • Click on "View Financial Aid Information"
  • Click on Financial Aid tab or link.
  • Click on Eligibility to review student requirements. 
  • Select Student Requirements and select the Aid Year (if prompted) .

If there are any documents under the Unsatisfied Requirements section, you must submit these documents ASAP in order to complete the processing of your financial aid. 

Q: How will I be notified if I have required documents to submit?
A: Student will be sent an email to their FAU email address notifying them of documents needed to complete the processing of their financial aid.
Q: When will I be awarded financial aid and how will I be notified?
A: After all necessary documents are submitted to the Financial Aid Office, students will be awarded up to their maximum eligibility and notified via their FAU email address that they have award offers to accept online (the email will also have instructions on how to accept award offers).
Q: What is the purpose of the Award Summary by Term?
A: The Award Summary by Term is an actual award offer letter stating the awards offered and the breakdown of allocated funds per term.  Students may print this page for their personal records.  This page is for Informational Purposes ONLY.  Students must go to the Accept Awards Offers link to formally accept an award decision online.
Q: Why were my financial aid awards reduced?
A: Disbursement of aid is dependent upon your enrollment status and compliance with the award provisions. FAU reserves the right to revise this award upon receipt of information which affects a student’s eligibility. All awards are based on continued eligibility and are contingent upon the availability of funds (i.e.  a student was awarded a full Pell Grant but is actually enrolled half-time - - the student will be awarded the Pell Grant for half-time status).
Q: How do I accept my financial aid award offers?
A: Some scholarships and the Federal Pell Grant will be automatically ACCEPTED on the system. All other types of aid will have to be ACCEPTED or DECLINED.  Click on the Accept Award Offers link and for each award, in the award decision column, select Accept, Accept Partial, or Decline

NOTE:  If you select Accept Partial in the award decision column, then you will need to enter an amount in the Accept Partial Amount column.  Make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions of Awards Document and then click the Submit Decision button when finished.

If students want to accept ALL awards offered without making changes to the amounts, students can click on the Accept Full Amount All Awards button.
Q: How do I revise my awards after I have accepted them online?
A: Students may submit an Award Revision Request form to revise their awards.  Select the appropriate Revision Request form for your situation.  Click here to go to the Forms to Download Page to view forms (Forms are under the Terms & Conditions section, numbers 3-5).
Q: How do I determine if an award has been disbursed and if I owe a balance or if I have a financial aid refund?
A: Disbursement of aid is a function of the Controller’s Office, beginning the third week of classes.  Click on the Account Summary by Term link to view financial aid awards that have been processed/disbursed and if the student has received a financial aid refund.  If the student has a balance after all financial aid has disbursed, the student will see the amount that they owe the University in the Account Balance field for that academic year.
Q: How do I establish direct deposit?
A: Students who receive a financial refund may have this refund direct deposited into their existing bank account.  In Self Service, click on the Main Menu link, then click on Direct Deposit for Financial Aid.  Follow the instructions on establishing or updating your bank account information.


 Last Modified 9/7/16