Scholarship FAQs


Custodial Scholarships:

Q:  I received an external scholarship. How do I go about posting it to my account?

A:  The scholarship donor or recipient is responsible to provide a letter to the financial aid office with the student ID number, the amount of award, conditions and which term(s) the scholarship should be applied to.

The scholarship amount will be posted on your award summary under MyFAU, Money Matter tab. Once the Financial Aid Office receives the check from the donor the funds will be deposited in the student’s FAU account.

Q:  How do you know if the check has been received?           

A:  When the paper work is received the custodial scholarship is placed on the system as “Offered”, if there is only one scholarship it will go on as EX1SCH. A notation will be posted naming the donor. When the check is received, it will then show as “Accepted”.

If there is more than one custodial scholarship, subsequent scholarships will be added, each one using a different fund ID, ex. EX1SCH, EX2SCH.

Q:  Under my Financial Aid Awards, I see my scholarship as offered. Why am I not able to accept it?

A:  Only the Financial Aid Office can accept scholarship on the system. The scholarship will be accepted as soon as the check is received from the donor.

Q:  If I am coming in a later term, will you hold my scholarship?

A:  If the student comes in a different term than originally planned, the check will be returned to the donor.  We are not permitted to retain funds beyond the one term.  The student will need to contact the donor to make arrangements regarding reissuing the scholarship check.

Q:  If my grades drop, or I don’t go full time, will I lose my scholarship, can I get it back?

A:  We encourage all students to make a copy of the scholarship criteria letter received by the donor prior to submitting it to the financial aid office.

Students may also check with Carla Martens, Senior Financial Aid Officer. She will need to pull the paperwork and check the scholarship criteria in question.

Institutional Scholarships

Departmental/College Scholarships:

Q:  Have you received my scholarship from the department yet?

A:  If it has not been posted to the system, we have not received the scholarship paperwork.

Q:  Do I need to be full time to receive my scholarship?

A:  Departmental and Foundation scholarships have varying criteria, and the student would need to check with their department.   

Recruitment Scholarships:

Q:  Are there other scholarships available for incoming students?

A:  The Office of Undergraduate Admissions also awards scholarships for fall and spring terms to incoming students upon being admitted to the university. Students must fill out the Freshman/Transfer Online Application for scholarships by the indicated deadlines prior to their first semester at FAU. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and financial need. Please see the link below to apply.

Q:  Do I need to be full time to receive my scholarship?

A:  If it is one of the major institutional scholarships, they all require F/T enrollment in order to be paid. TEAA is the only exception and it requires a minimum of 6 credits at FAU.  (Exceptions can be made for various circumstances). Any exceptions would require that the student file a scholarship appeal.

General Scholarships:

Q:  Will applying to every scholarship increase my chances of being awarded?

A:  No, you should read each scholarship and only apply to the ones for which you feel you are qualified. Applying to every listed scholarship makes the scholarship committees question your effort and credibility.

Q:  May I receive more than one scholarship per academic year?

A:  Yes, but only apply to those that reflect your qualifications.

Q:  If I lose my scholarship, can I get it back?

A:  The student can file a scholarship Reinstatement/Appeal Form (available under, “Forms to Download”), explaining the extenuating circumstances, and attach any documentation to support claim, as well as an unofficial transcript. Allow two weeks for a response.

Q:  Can I use my scholarship for the summer term?

A:  The student would need to complete the scholarship Reinstatement/Appeal form, requesting the scholarship for the summer term, and attach an unofficial transcript.

The request would be evaluated, after the spring grades are posted.  The student must be in compliance with the scholarship criteria, ie: FAU cumulative GPA and completed credits.  Only the following scholarships are available for the summer term:

  • Community College Honors / Phi Theta Kappa  (CCHPTK)

  • Community College Scholars / All Florida Academica Team (CCSSCH)

  • Transfer Educational Achievement Award  (TEASCH)

Q:  Do I need to take all my credits at FAU to use my scholarship?

A:  YES.  Only FAU credits are recognized for FAU Scholarships.                                 



 Last Modified 9/7/16