TouchNet Marketplace offers e-commerce functionality, with easy to create on-line stores for services or product offerings, and a secure payment gateway for credit card and webcheck payments. Please review the documentation below to determine if TouchNet is the right solution for your needs. Follow this link to see how others at FAU are using TouchNet ecommerce solutions:

Any questions should be sent to:

  1. How to request a new TouchNet Marketplace uStore or uPay site
  2. Description of Marketplace uStore and uPay sites
  3. New Marketplace uStore/uPay request form
  4. Merchant ID Request Form
  5. Detail Code Request Form
  6. TouchNet Security form
  7. WebCheck Refund Policy
  8. Webcheck Refund Request Form
  9. Helpful Instructions to operate your stores

**Important note: it is imperative to review and adhere to the WebCheck Refund Policy Steps, prior to issuing a refund on a purchase originally made by WebCheck.

Links to different prepayment stores

Updated July 2015 by Sherley Nelcy