HBOI Marine Railway Passes Certification

The HBOI Marine Railway was recently refurbished in order to continue supporting the U.S Coast Guard by hauling their vessels for maintenance and repair.  The work was funded by Centrifugal Rebabbitting Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, HBOI's partner and support contractor for railway activities.  The railway, originally built to haul the Seward Johnson and other HBOI vessels, is rated to lift a maximum of 400 long tons (896,000 pounds).  In order to certify the railway for Coast Guard vessels, an operational test to 125 percent of the maximum rating, or 500 long tons (1,120,000 pounds), was required.  The test was accomplished by using six 21,000 gallon water tanks (pictured, above) placed on the railway and filled with water from the HBOI channel. The test was a success, certifying the railway for continued use in support of the U.S. Coast Guard here at HBOI for years to come.

 Last Modified 11/8/16