Florida Atlantic University Libraries Cancels Remaining Annual Vinyl Giveaway Event Days Due to Overwhelming Public Response

The Recorded Sound Archives at Florida Atlantic University Libraries gave away more than 2,500 recordings, including cassette tapes, 45 rpm records and LPs to about 500 people who turned out for the first four days of the RSA’s third annual giveaway of recordings. Unfortunately, the excess records are now gone.
“The incredible positive response has forced me to cancel the giveaways scheduled for January 10 and January 27-31,” said Maxine Schackman, the director of the RSA.
“We started out with over 2,500 recordings to give away and I never thought they would all go. But, we have virtually nothing left. Collectors from all over the country and Canada often send us recordings for the archives. We are hoping to do this again next year.”
Created in 2010 to collect, organize and protect access to digitized copies of vintage audio recordings, the RSA houses more than 150,000 jazz, Judaic and vintage recordings, making FAU Libraries one of the top 20 libraries in the nation for sound recordings. Guidelines for donating recordings and printing a mailing label for shipping can be found at faujsa.fau.edu/jsa/send_records2.php.
For more information, contact Schackman at 561-297-0080 or SoundArchives@fau.edu.


 Last Modified 1/16/14