Parent's Academy

We know that after the first semester of a students’ Freshman year, they (and you) may come across new challenges. The focus of the Academy is on educating parents on how to address issues that may have arose over the past semester and prepare parents for issues that may arise in the future. This parent engagement initiative helps parents understand their role in becoming full partners and supporters in their student’s education.

The Parent’s Academy is a half day program collaborating with university administrators to address experiences your student may face and how you can better assist your student. Hear directly from university administrators and discuss parent-to-parent challenges with the Owl Parent Association Parent’s Advisory Board.

The Parent’s Academy


House Chambers
Cost: FREE (Sponsored by the Owl Parent Association)
Registration is required to attend

Session Highlights

  • Social Choices and Family Values
  • The Self-Esteem Struggle
  • Adjusting to College Academics
  • Making Smart Choices
  • Communicating with the University
  • What’s Next
 Last Modified 6/20/18