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Office of Family Engagement

Welcome to Florida Atlantic University! Our goal at the Office of Family Engagement is to encourage our families to participate in their student’s college experience. We believe families continue to play a pivotal role in the ongoing success of their students. Blood-lines historically define the term "family." At FAU, “family” is defined as anyone our students feel impacts their lives, through trust, love, and support.

Our goal is to create a life long partnership with our families and students. The Office of Family Engagement believes in maintaining an environment for families to have direct access to any questions and concerns regarding their students. We encourage families to stay connected with your student and the FAU community. Through multiple forms of media (newsletters, social media, and ongoing family training), our office keeps you connected throughout the different stages of your student’s collegiate career. We are here to ensure you have all the tools necessary to best support your student. 

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Family Engagement Monthly Message 

May 2019:

Graduation is upon us and we at the Office of Family Engagement wish our families and students a big congratulations. With a diploma in hand and the world in front of them, our graduating students face various new challenges ahead. A big question our new grads may be asking themselves is “What’s next?” Whether it is grad school, the workforce, the military, or any other life choice, unwavering support for their decisions is critical during these times. As a key influencer in your student’s life, you may not agree with their decisions, however, your support invites more frequent interactions and strengthening of your influence. Having conversations with life-changing implications is extremely difficult. Post-graduation conversations that are agenda based (from a family member’s perspective) may result in arguments, defiance, or relational shut-down from your student. As you plan your conversations with your student keep in mind the various anxieties your student may be facing. With a level of understanding and empathy in your approach, your conversations will come across as “talking with them” instead of “talking at them.” Again, congratulations and take time to enjoy the moment!  


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