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Elizabeth Swanstrom

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Elizabeth Swanstrom (Lisa) joined the English Department at Florida Atlantic University in 2011. Her areas of research include science fiction, fantasy, and the digital humanities.

Before joining the English Department at FAU, Lisa was a postdoctoral research fellow at Umeå University’s HUMlab in northern Sweden (2010), as well as the Florence Levy Kay Fellow in the Digital Humanities in the English Department at Brandeis University in Massachusetts (2008-2009). She completed her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature in June 2008 from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

She is currently working on a project that considers computer-generated simulations of natural spaces in light of literary and artistic tradition. A more thorough description of this project is available on the HUMlab blog , and an introductory seminar on the topic is viewable on the HUMlab stream . Her personal website is: < http://swanstream.org >.


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